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Two girls, one elevator

Last night I experienced one of the most sensual and mind blowing episodes I will ever know. My name is Anna and by nature, I am a very shy individual, however the exciting ordeal that I enjoyed less than 24 hours ago has opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I have always been straight in sexual orientation, but I am now starting to reconsider this. I used to have a boyfriend but we broke up about a year ago. I had not had sex since then and although I felt it didn't really bother me, I am beginning to wonder how I ever went without it.

I was with my boyfriend since the age of about 17 and he was the one who took my virginity. Although I got used to having regular sex, nothing he did to me ever blew my head off. We tried all the most common positions but foreplay between us was fairly rare. He was not the most passionate of men and even though I came during most nights of sex, my orgasms were nothing to shout about. He never really encouraged me to do anything or attempt anything new either so our sex life was fairly boring. I looked at other men occasionally but due to my shy nature, never had the courage to hold a glance for any more than a second. I have never been good at flirting so picking up a nice partner has always been impossible for me.

So last night I was heading back to my apartment which is based in a fairly tall building, there must be around 25 floors. I never use the elevator because I like to keep as fit as possible. Living on the 21st floor means I get plenty of exercise. However last night, I was feeling a little tired and could not be bothered with the aggravation, therefore I decided to jump in the elevator. Beginning to yawn, I reached out for the button corresponding to my floor and a second or two after I had pushed it, the lift began to ascend. I was bored and tired, and also feeling a little depressed too. I felt as if I had nothing and a little excitement in my life wouldn't have gone a miss. The sound of the elevator pinged as the light panel hovered above the second floor marker. What was about to occur over the next half an hour has redefined my life!

The elevator doors slowly opened and once fully dilated, I felt as if I had boarded a lift to heaven. On the other side of the threshold stood a woman in her early twenties with perfect blond hair, which stretched just beyond the length of her shoulders. I had always liked streaks on women and this girl was full of them. She was roughly the same age as myself and this girl was a total knockout. She was young and gorgeous and could get her hands on any man she wanted. She was dressed in a red blouse and the shortest black skirt I have ever seen, an outfit I would have been far too nervous to wear, but oh my God, she looked great in it. Her eyes were incredibly powerful too and made my knees weak as soon as she glanced at me. One by one, her long slim legs stepped onto the elevator and after a brief smile, she turned her back to me and pressed one of the buttons.

The lift began to move upwards and I could not stop thinking about this stunning lady. I have never had impure thoughts about another woman before, but this feline was driving my hormones mad. I could not stop rolling my eyes up and down that amazing body of hers. As I felt a trickle of sweat roll down my face, I slowly moved into the corner in case she turned around and saw my face acting the way it was. This was torture and we had only reached the fifth floor. A couple more floors went by and I was still feeling very strange. Suddenly, the elevator came to a halt and the lights went off.

Within a second or two, the emergency generator kicked in and auxiliary lights switched on. They were slightly dimmer than the original lighting, but it was still perfectly clear enough to see all of the amazing features this sexy woman had to offer. She began to gently curse and rapidly tap a few of the buttons but it didn't look like anything was happening. Around half an hour passed this way and there were no signs of anyone coming to rescue us. I sat on the floor against the wall and began to ponder. All thoughts that were occurring previously had now disappeared as I was feeling like someone from the first scene of the film Speed. As I started to question the possibility of a bomb being rigged to the elevator floor, I was completely oblivious to the fact that something was actually about to explode.

I looked upward and staring back at me from the other side of the elevator was this gorgeous woman. I am a fairly nervous person but this woman was doing something to me that I would usually never know how to react to. I felt incredibly comfortable though and was also beginning to feel aroused. Her eyes and body language were saying so much and before I knew it, she got down on the floor next to me and began to kiss my neck. I became moist very quickly and started to respond. As I raised my arm to touch her face, she moved those amazing lips around my face until they met with my own. It wasn't long before she was on top of me and I was practically swallowing her tongue. This was unbelievable as I have never felt this aroused and didn't even know I could.

Her body was grinding up against mine and as soon as she took her blouse off, that was it. I erupted and tried to get on top of her, but this was short lived. She was in control and I quickly accepted this fact. She instantly put me back on my back and looked deep into my eyes as if to say "I'm the boss". She had an amazing way of showing it too and ripped my blouse from my body as if she was a rapist. I dress very modestly and wear normal knickers, I've never even tried kinky underwear. However when this woman lifted her legs and moved her fanny across my mouth, I began to understand the appeal. I could hardly breathe as she was vigorously thrusting her tongue around the top of my cunt and she made it even more exciting my rubbing her filthy knickers right across my face. I followed suit and slid them to the side so I could slide my tongue inside her. This was an amazingly sexy woman and her wet pussy was completely shaven. It made me feel so sexy so I started to really dive in and enjoy myself. Her ass was tight and firm and it drove me wild.

As soon as I came, she turned back around and started to kiss me again as she moved my hands over her body. She had an amazing ass and she knew I had taken a liking to it so as she teased my hands around that area of her body, she gazed deep into my eyes again and smiled. She left my hands rested on her legs and I was really blushing, this was the most sensual experience of my life. After reaching inside her bag, she pulled out a strap on dildo and tied it around her waist. I was breathing frantically now and she gazed back at me with the filthiest smile on her face. I was in paradise. The dildo went inside me and started to move in and out very quickly. She leaned over and kissed me one more time before beginning to thrust really hard. Sweat was departing from every orifice on my body and she made this more intense by scooping it up with her hands and then licking herself. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her curvy tits as she continued to fuck me like a naughty girl. I couldn't believe I was acting this way. I was feeling like a bad girl and it felt astonishing. Harder she fucked me and before I knew it, I had squirted all over her silky legs. I was breathing at a rapid pace and she simply packed away her dildo before anyone came, while remaining as calm as a monk the whole time. Two words then left her dirty mouth..."I'm Susanna".

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