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Through The Keyhole

Krista felt naughty. She stood in the hallway before the closed bedroom door of her flatmate Hanna. Behind the door, the moans and murmurs of the early stages of sex rang out. Hanna and her boyfriend Martti were getting down to some seriously heavy petting. And here was Krista, listening in with one hand down her pyjama bottoms, stroking her crack.

Krista knew things were moving fast sex-wise between the amorous couple. After all, she'd overheard this same series of events unfold so many times over the past few months, she could write the bloody script. A rhapsody of erotic audio filled the air every time Martti stayed over. The first movement would consist of giggles, stop-its and shushes. A suite of oohs and ahhs would then play over a bed-squeak accompaniment, culminating in a crescendo of opera-like shrieks as their lust was finally realised. At first, Krista had blocked out the racket with a strategically placed pillow over her head, praying that the sex-obsessed idiots would get it over and done with, but lately, she'd found the couple's cries of passion strangely alluring.

Krista had satisfied herself to the music of their fucking on several occasions, striving to come when they came. This was not as easy as it sounded. But now she wanted more. She yearned to watch the couple in action. There was only one way to achieve her goal. Look through the keyhole. But... oh, God, surely she shouldn't. It was so wrong. Mmm, actually, yes she could. Krista squatted low and peeked through the keyhole. Straight away, she recoiled, covering her mouth with the palm of her free hand. She looked in all directions, swallowing hard, recovering from what she'd just seen. Naked flesh. Martti's back. And Hanna's bosoms. She'd never noticed before, but her flatmate owned a rather fulsome pair.She spied again, this time not chickening out after the first flash of unclothed skin. Her lower jaw fell open and her eyes widened. Wow, it was most certainly hotting up. Hanna could be seen lying on the bed, legs outstretched. Martti had his back to the keyhole, but it was obvious what was going on. Pussy tasting, of course. Upon every lap of his ever-hungry tongue, Hanna's head tilted back and her spine arched upwards, eyes shut tight, mouth wide open. Upon every moan of approval, Martti pushed his tongue deeper into her crack.In the hallway, Krista was a ball of excitement. Butterflies didn't just dance, they rioted in her stomach. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. With a gentle finger, she stroked her sodden lips up and down, round and round, side to side, emulating where she imagined Martti's tongue to be travelling across Hanna's pussy. Simulation as well as stimulation was the name of the game here.

Martti and Hanna changed angles. Krista's eyes widened. Ooh, look, a flash of his penis. Well, part of it. The groin area at least, where the base of the stalk met a mass of pubic hair. But this was not enough. Krista wanted to see more. Not just a quick teaser. The whole caboodle. His cock in all its glory.

Krista could now see Martti's tongue working its magic across Hanna's vagina. The body parts of another woman hadn't been too high on her want-to-look-at list, but the view was surprisingly compelling. Martti licked her crevice in tender upward and downward motions. Krista did the same to herself, but using her fingers instead. Martti then flicked his tongue rapidly across Hanna's clitoris. Krista tapped her own magic bean with her fingertips. As Martti continued to tongue Hanna like a madman, two of his fingers found their way up her entrance, thrusting in and out like pistons.Krista's thumb took over drumming duties on her clitoris as she pushed two fingers into her own hole. The digits motioned in and out, in and out, just like Martti was doing to Hanna. Mmm, she began to wish it was herself on the bed and not Hanna. She yearned to be the lucky lady being pleasured by Martti's fingery-licky party trick. But, hmm. Should she be thinking such a thing? No, not really. Hanna was her friend. But she couldn't help it. The pushing and tapping she was applying to herself was mashing her mind and whipping her body into a frenzy.

In the bedroom, Hanna's hands fell onto her own breasts and went to work immediately, kneading them, pushing them together, fingers and thumbs on nipples, rubbing them, squeezing them, pinching them hard. On the other side of the keyhole, Krista moved her free hand up to her bosoms and tweaked each nipple in turn as she continued to push two fingers deeper and deeper inside herself. Oh God, fucking hell, pressure was building up fast. Her quivering legs began to tingle. Heart in overdrive, boom, boom, boom, her breathing heavy and laboured, huff, huff, huff. Uh oh. She was on the verge of coming. Would she last the distance? She fucking well hoped so.

Krista needed to calm herself down. No, no, no, don't come yet. Save yourself, girl. Fingers out. Nipples unpinched. Just watch. For now. A few soothing breaths were taken. Then a smile of relief. It was working. The intensity of it all was subsiding. She was all waterfalls down below, and as such, felt a dribble running down her inner thigh. But at least her orgasm would be saved for better things.It was Martti's turn to lie on the bed. Krista smiled. At last, a good view of his cock. And what a cock it was, loyally standing to attention for his woman like a missile ready to launch. She couldn't take her eyes off it. Wow. What a monster. Hanna was so fortunate. Lucky bitch.Yeah, yeah, many a time, Krista had heard the tired old adage that size didn't matter, but Hanna always stressed that only guys with small willies quoted that particular line. And she was probably right.

Martti smiled at Hanna as she knelt astride him. She wrapped her fingers around his penis and held the stalk in position as she gently lowered herself onto him. And ooh, yes, he was in. Krista exhaled weightily at the sight. Oops. She hastily gagged her mouth with the flat of her palm. Bugger. Did they hear the noise? A quick check. No. Thank fuck for that.Krista's fingers made a return visit to her clitoris as she watched Hanna ride the man. Up and down, up and down, Hanna moved, her pussy swallowing his penis whole upon every downward plunge. Martti grabbed her bottom cheeks and squeezed them hard as the couple accelerated their pace; the tempo of each gyration matched perfectly by the rhythm of the watching girl's fingertips on the other side of the door.Hanna leaned forward and placed her hands flat on the bed, positioning herself on all fours over him. Martti thrust his penis upwards, taking charge of the riding. She squealed with delight as his cock pounded into her, harder and harder, faster and faster. In the hallway, Krista slipped a finger back into her hole, powering it rapidly, in and out, in and out, in and out. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she thought, this was total fucking heaven.It was all building up again inside the watcher. That fizzy, fuzzy sensation. It wouldn't be long now. The final furlong was in sight. Once more, she clasped her mouth with a tight-fitting palm to thwart rogue wails as she worked her pussy harder and harder. Through the keyhole, Hanna and Martti gyrated for dear life, hard and fast, hard and fast; her hole being pummelled to oblivion by his rigid weapon. The couple squealed, shouted, swore and spat as they fucked like they'd never fucked before.

'Oh, my fucking God!' shrieked Martti, eyes popping wide open as he smashed his cock relentlessly into her pussy. 'I'm going to come!''Oh, fuck, I'm coming too!' yelped Hanna, continually slamming herself down on Martti's penis, as if her life depended on it.'Fucking hell, so am I,' whispered Krista to herself, trembling, perspiring, working herself faster than ever before.Hanna and Martti's bodies steeled, tensed and quivered in unison as the shared climax made a spectacular entrance. Bang! Ear-piercing screams of sheer ecstasy rang out as the explosive finale completely overwhelmed the couple. Behind the keyhole, Krista slammed her eyes shut, gritted her teeth and growled under her breath as she rode such hectic spasms with glee.When her orgasm was spent, Krista fell to her knees, sucking in much-needed cool air. In the bedroom, Hanna and Martti collapsed flat on the bed, entangled in each other's arms and legs, exhausted but fulfilled.It had been one hell of an experience.For all three of them.

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