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The Virgin Bride

Tanja felt like the happiest girl alive. Draped in the fine white lace of her wedding dress, she admired herself in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Oh, wow. Tomorrow afternoon, she would be marrying Anton, her handsome boyfriend, her soulmate, the love of her life. And tomorrow evening would be their wedding night, where she would finally get to share his bed and sample his cock. And finally, for the first time in her life, she would discover the joys of sex.

At twenty-six years of age, this girl was a virgin. She was proud of such a remarkable achievement. To be able to give herself to the man she truly loved without any prior sexual history was a wonderful feeling. When Tanja had told her man at the beginning of their relationship that she wanted to remain virginal and pure until they were married, Anton hadn't been too keen on the idea. Being a male of the species, his head was guided by his penis, and as such, true to form, he had tried it on with her on several occasions. However, adamant in her quest to be broken in by her darling husband on their wedding night, and not a moment before, Tanja had succeeded in keeping her legs firmly closed. This was not to say that Tanja herself hadn't been tempted by the lure of the generous lump in Anton's trousers, for she definitely had. Whenever she felt her vagina pining for his penis, the only solution was taking the DIY (do it yourself) route, where she would nip up to her bedroom, lie on her bed and pleasure herself until she came. The last occasion had been half an hour ago, where she had stripped herself naked and opened her legs wide, rubbing her throbbing clitoris with the gentle circular motions of her index finger whilst caressing her moist crack with the other. The resulting climax was good, but not totally satisfying. Her pussy still pouted for Anton's cock.

Ah, but the answer to this particular problem was simple. Tanja dressed herself in tomorrow's wedding dress. This was for two reasons. One, to see how beautiful she would look in church when walking down the aisle, and two, to remind her rogue vagina to be bloody patient. It was then when the doorbell sang its chime. Damn, she didn't have time to change out of her wedding dress. She had no choice but to answer the door dressed for the altar. 'Who could that be?' she asked herself as she descended the stairs, stepped into the hallway and opened the front door. Argh, it was her boyfriend. 'Anton!' she yelped, wide-eyed and attempting in vain to hide the sight of white lace with panicky hands. 'It's bad luck for you to see me in my wedding dress.' Anton gasped, averting his eyes. 'Sorry!' 'What are you doing here?' she asked him. Eyes firmly fixed on his bride-to-be's hallway wallpaper, he replied, 'I couldn't wait until tomorrow afternoon. I had to see you now.' Rolling her eyes and emitting a groan, Tanja ushered him inside. 'Wait in the lounge while I go upstairs and free myself of this wedding dress.' 'Okay.'

Tanja jogged up the stairs and returned to the bedroom. As quickly as she could manage, she peeled off the dress. Decorated in her red lace bra and knickers set, her white suspenders and silk stockings, and of course, the traditional garter, all of which she had purchased especially to please her man when it finally came to their wedding night, she packed the dress inside its protective bag, hung it inside her wardrobe and closed the double doors. There. Job done. Wedding dress hidden. No bad luck for her. 'Mmm, you look good enough to eat,' uttered a male voice from behind. Tanja twisted around to find - - Oh, my God, it was Anton. He was standing there naked. And oh, my fucking God, his erect cock was huge. She could feel her vagina pouting once more as she stared in open-mouthed awe at this magnificent specimen of manhood. Wow, what a monster. And it was all hers for the taking. Mmm. Argh, no! She wiped all traces of erotic thoughts from her mind. This couldn't happen. Not now. Not here. 'Anton, what the hell do you think you're doing?' 'Tanja, babe, there's no way I can wait until our wedding night to do it. It's too far away.' 'What are you talking about? It's only tomorrow night.' 'Yes, I know.' Anton clasped his hands together in full plead mode. 'But my cock is throbbing. I can't take it any more. I need to fuck you right now. Especially as you look so hot in your sexy lingerie.' Tanja wasn't having any of this nonsense. 'No way. I told you, I'm staying a virgin until my wedding night, and there's no way you're going to change my mind.' 'Oh, please.' 'No.'

As Anton reconsidered his options, Tanja could almost hear the cogs in his brain working overtime. And then he came out with an alternative way to pass the time. 'Can I suck your tits?' 'What? No way.' 'That's all I ask. Nuzzling on your nipples won't harm your virginity.' Tanja considered the proposal. Down below, she was still feeling strong urges. Her self-pleasuring had failed to quash the relentless cries of desire, but maybe a spell of foreplay - and strictly ONLY foreplay, nothing else - would finally calm down her raging pussy. 'Okay, you win. I'll let you suck my tits. But I'm warning you now, this will not lead to penetration. Got that?' 'Loud and clear.' Tanja unclipped her bra, revealing a pert pair of breasts. Anton went to work immediately, licking her tits all over before sucking her erect nipples, one are the after. Mmm, the warm sensation of his lips and tongue on her bare skin felt wonderful. She could certainly get used to this. As a special gift to her husband-to-be, she reached down, grabbed his hard dick and began to wank it. Ooh, his penis felt hot to the touch. And she was sure she could feel the blood pumping hard and fast through its veins. Anton stopped sucking her nipples and looked into his girlfriend's eyes. 'Oh, Tanja, I want you so badly. Please let me fuck you.' 'No! We agreed. No penetration.'

By now, Tanja was really turned on, but there was no way she would allow his cock access inside her pussy, no matter how dripping wet it had become. The gates to heaven were locked tight, and that was the way they would stay until their wedding night. A wicked grin then filled Anton's face. 'I've got an idea. I know a way that I can fuck you without it ruining our wedding night.' 'How?' 'I take you up the arse.' Tanja's jaw fell south. 'You've got to be joking!' 'Think about it, babe. It's a win-win situation. I get to fuck you and you stay a virgin.' At first, Tanja wasn't too keen on the idea. It was still a sexual act, surely. But on the other hand, it couldn't be classed as actual sexual intercourse... which meant she would continue to enjoy her virginity. Oh, God, it was all so wrong... but right now, her pussy was screaming blue murder.

'Okay, you've got your wicked way,' she said. 'I'll let you take me up the arse. But if you accidentally on purpose slip your cock inside my pussy, the wedding's off. And I mean that.' The deal was done. Placing her palms upon the wall, she bent down and spread her legs for her man. Anton stood behind the girl, pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side and guided his weapon towards her arse. Tanja squealed with joy as his huge cock entered her rear hole. To Tanja, this was a weird sensation. She could feel his hard dick deep inside her body, but she was safe in the knowledge that her vagina would be saved for better things. Her pussy tingled madly as her man pumped his cock into her arse. She reached down and played with her clit. Ooh, yes, electricity sizzled all over her body as she rubbed her pleasure pea in time to his pelvic gyrations. Harder and faster she rubbed as he continued to fuck her tight back passage. Then pow! She reached the most powerful climax she had ever felt. Moments later, Anton withdrew his dick and exploded all over her buttocks. 'Did you enjoy that, my dear?' Anton asked. 'Ooh, yes.' 'And the good thing is, you're still a virgin.' 'Yes. I am,' responded Tanja with a wink. 'Until tomorrow night.' Anton smiled. 'My darling, I can't wait to marry you.' Tanja smiled back. 'Ditto.' Wow, for both of them, it had been an interesting experience. But the best - that is, their wedding night - was yet to come.

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