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The Gym Teacher

Jarkko was late to meet his friends. He'd just finished his outdoor training at the University of Helsinki and was taking a shower. Enjoying the feel of the hot water on the back of his neck, he suddenly felt as though someone was watching him.He turned round to see the female gym teacher Mrs. Ranin standing at the doorway of the shower block watching him, twiddling her blonde hair between her fingers. He jumped a little as he automatically reached down to cover his cock and balls."Mrs. Ranin, what are you doing?" He asked.

"Just looking," she said as she took a step closer. Jarkko watched as she slowly peeled off her tight sweatshirt to see the lacy black bra she was wearing underneath. Then she ran her hands down her hips and tucked her thumbs into the top of the leggings she was wearing."Would you like to see more?" she asked. Jarkko was dumbstruck. He glanced past her to see if anyone else was in the changing room behind her."Don't worry," she said. "I locked the door behind me. You can't escape and no one can rescue you.""This isn't right Mrs. Ranin..." Jarkko blurted out.

"I know," she replied. "But I've watched you training for a while now and wondered what you looked like under those clothes." She started to pull down her leggings and flicked them off. "And there you are."She glided across the tiles towards him. Jarkko looked down to see her tight black lace panties. She stood in front of him staring into his eyes. She lowered her arms and grabbed his hands. Slowly she raised his arms up and placed them around her neck. She leaned in and whispered into his ear."I want you to fuck me. You know you want to."

She leaned in towards him and brushed the top of his erect cock. He started to move his arms down but she told him to keep them there. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. It fell to the floor. He looked down at her breasts as the hot water started to fall upon them. She then pushed her panties down to the ground and kicked them off. Then she looked back up into his eyes."Now you can touch," she said.

Jarkko slid his arms down and ran his fingers over her erect nipples. She shuddered slightly as he pinched them. He leaned in and softly bit into her neck. She grabbed hold of his cock and moaned. Jarkko ran his hand up behind her and pulled her long hair. Her head moved back and her lips opened. He slid his tongue into her mouth as she started to pull at his cock. They kissed passionately as his hands went down to feel her wet clit. She had shaved and he ran his fingers along the smooth slit, enjoying hearing her moan louder.She manouvered him around so her back was to the wall. Jarkko couldn't believe what was happening to him as she pulled him closer and kissed him again.

"Get in me," she whispered into his ear.She turned and faced the wall and pushed her ass back into Jarkko's cock. He looked down, reached underneath and slid his fingers into her. She moaned as he slowly pulled his finger out. She reached around and grabbed his cock and slowly guided him into her. He grabbed her slim waist as he buried his cock in her. She moaned even louder and he worried that someone might hear them.Jarkko started to move faster into her. She turned and told him to slow down. He did, but eventually started to speed up again. She slowly pulled her hips forward so that he came out of her. She turned to look at him then, slowly, began to kneel in front of him.She flicked the top of his cock with her tongue as she got down there. Looking up at him she ran her tongue along his shaft. His cock was twitching uncontrollably now, but there was no way he could stop it. She was too hot and he was too excited, and as he looked down he could see her rubbing herself.

Her mouth opened and she took his cock in her mouth. Jarkko was scared he was going to come in her mouth straight away, but he stared up at the ceiling to try and control it. She sucked at him harder and he could feel the softness of her tongue as she moved up and down. He reached down and grabbed her hair. She moaned and so pulled at it a bit harder. She looked up at him, winked and then smiled.He started to pull her head towards his cock faster and harder. She greedily lapped him up. Every now and then she would release him to take a breath, then he would force her mouth back onto his cock. He started to fuck her mouth hard rather than letting her control it. Looking down at his cock gliding between her lips, he couldn't believe his luck.She pulled her head back and gasped for air. He tried to force her mouth back again but she said no. She got up and turned to the wall again, telling him over her shoulder that he could now fuck her as hard as he wanted. He grabbed his cock and guided it underneath her firm ass. He rammed it in hard and she jumped a little. He leaned forward and lightly bit her ear. She turned her head towards him and they kissed, as he started to slide into her again.

"Pull my hair again," she said.He grabbed at her hair and twisted it round his hand. Her back arched, which in turn made her ass poke out more. He watched the water from the shower bounce off her ass each time his cock rammed into her. He pulled harder, as he rammed faster, until eventually he felt he was going to come. He pulled out of her and, with her hair still wrapped round his hand, forced her to her knees. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as he guided his cock into her mouth. He wasn't quite there yet, and she guessed that, so she closed her mouth around him and sucked hard. As he started to come he pulled her head back so he could see himself spurting into her mouth. He saw rivulets jetting onto her tongue and into her mouth. She closed her lips and swallowed, then looked up at him and smiled."You taste nice," she said.

Jarkko didn't know what to say. He felt great but exposed again. Mrs. Ranin got up and pushed him against the wall. She kissed him hard while scratching her nails down his arms."I haven't come yet though," she whispered.She lay herself down on the wet floor, spreading her legs for Jarkko to see. She licked her fingers and then run them over her body until she reached her clit. She looked straight into his eye as she slid her fingers in and out. She started to moan louder and watched as his cock started to get big again. Every now and then her finger would go a bit further round and slide into her asshole. After a couple of minutes she could see he was ready again.

"Come and fuck me again." Jarkko started to lay down on top of her. "Wait, wait," she said, getting onto her knees. "From behind."Jarkko knelt down on the tiled floor. It was uncomfortable but there was no way he was stopping. She put her arm behind her, grabbed his cock and started to drag him towards her cunt. At the last minute she nudged the end of his cock against her asshole. He pushed harder as he saw the hole start to widen. As he felt his cock slide into her tight hole, she let out a small yelp. He thought he'd hurt her and started to stop, but she growled at him to carry on. He grabbed her hips and fucked her ass hard. Her moans started to turn into screams of delight and Jarkko started to think he was definitely going to get caught by someone. With her tight hole clasping his cock and her moaning getting louder, he found himself coming quickly. Just as he came he could feel her bucking underneath him, and he knew she'd climaxed too. He pulled out of her and watched his come dribble out of her ass. She reached round and dipped her finger into his come as she got to her feet. Turning to him she put her finger to her mouth and licked the come off her fingers."Now then, you'd better soap me clean," she said mischieviously.

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