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Strawberries And Cream

Lyydia worked as a secretary. It was a somewhat ordinary job, but at least it paid the bills. Oh, and she was lucky to have a very sexy and handsome man in charge. She had always fancied Aleksanteri, the office manager, and judging by the hungry way he looked and smiled at the girl on a daily basis, it was obvious he fancied her too. Every time he walked past her desk in the office, she would find herself drawn to the sizeable lump in his trousers. Mmm, behind that cotton wall was a big cock waiting to be enjoyed. On this occasion, however, he didn't walk past. Instead, he stopped at her desk. 'Lyydia,' he said, placing both palms flat upon the wooden surface. 'How would like to escape the confines of the office today and do your work at my place?'

Lyydia smiled broadly. 'I'd love to.' Yes! At last. This was her chance to get between the sheets with the man of her dreams... unless of course he actually did mean he wanted her to work. No, surely not. Or at least she hoped not. The drive to Aleksanteri's house took around ten minutes. Entering the home of her boss was like walking into another world. The place was extravagant, spacious and lavishly designed with bold, vibrant colours, fine drapery and luxurious furnishings that oozed wealth and opulence. For sure, a far cry from her humble abode which was somewhat dreary in comparison. Aleksanteri grinned cheekily and said, 'You do realise, don't you, I haven't brought you here to work?' Lyydia volleyed back a cheeky grin of her own. Teasing, she asked, 'So tell me, Aleksanteri. What exactly have you brought me here to do?' He gave a wink. 'I think we both know the answer to that one.' She matched his wink with a slow lick of her lips. 'Yes. We do.' 'Let's take this party upstairs.' Lyydia nodded. 'Okay.'

They both quickly climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom. Lyydia found upstairs even more ornate and flamboyant than downstairs. A king-size four-poster bed dominated the room, enveloped in lavish near-transparent drapery. She'd never before laid eyes on such sumptuous splendour. For sure, this was a luxury of which she was not familiar. Had she died and gone to heaven? It was a feasible explanation. A broader smile appeared on her face. Maybe it was a good idea after all to say yes to partaking in sexy fun and games with the boss. All her friends would be so jealous when she reeled off this particular tale. Aleksanteri wasted no time in getting down to his plan of passion. The man craned his neck forward and planted a kiss upon Lyydia's lips. She kissed him back. Aleksanteri reached out and wrapped his arms around her body. She did the same. Their mouths pushed together and remained fixed in union. And then his playful tongue slipped into her mouth.

Aleksanteri sat on the bed. Lyydia sat beside him. She pulled the tail of his shirt from the waistband of his trousers. Eager fingers crept under cotton and explored the firm flesh of his back. Aleksanteri unbuttoned her blouse as he peppered her neck with kisses. He pulled open the garment, revealing ripe breasts sitting in white lace. Aleksanteri's fingers burrowed beneath Lyydia's bra and found her nipples. They were already firm and erect, standing to attention for her man. He clasped them between thumb and forefinger and gave them both a gentle squeeze. She let out an involuntary murmur of approval, egging him on to squeeze them harder. 'Ooh, yeah,' she growled, smiling. 'I like that.'

'What else do you like?' he asked. 'What would make you really wet?' She grinned at the man. 'Why don't you surprise me?' 'Okay, I will,' he responded, eyes glinting. 'I'll be back in a couple of shakes.' During Aleksanteri's curious absence, Lyydia stripped her body of clothing. She made herself comfortable on the bed and waited. A moment later, Aleksanteri reappeared. He was now also naked, with both arms tucked behind his back. 'What are you hiding?' she asked him, unable to take her eyes off his rigid weapon, aimed upwards, ready for action. Aleksanteri's face glimmered with devilish anticipation. He revealed a bowl of strawberries in one hand and a canister of spray cream in the other. Lyydia frowned. 'Are we eating first?' 'Sort of.' He joined her on the bed. 'I've always wanted to do this.' This unnerved her slightly. 'What exactly are we talking about here?' 'This.'

Aleksanteri sprayed a whirl of cream over her left breast. The sudden shock of cold made her recoil. She then smiled at him as he sprayed her right breast and placed one strawberry upon each smothered nipple. 'Well, this is...' She struggled for the right word. '...interesting.' Lyydia could feel his hot breath on her chest as he devoured the first strawberry and plunged his lips into the cream. His tongue writhed all over her left breast as he lapped up the white stuff. Then onto her right breast. She placed a hand on the back of his head and pushed him closer as he nuzzled on her nipple. His mouthplay was magnificent. It was making her so wet down below. By now, most of the cream had been licked off her tits. Her boss was definitely hungry for her body. Or was it that he simply loved the taste of spray cream? She smiled at the sight of the mess all around his mouth as he relentlessly suckled on each nipple in turn. The term big kid instantly sprang to mind.

Aleksanteri moved further down her body and parted her legs. He took hold of the canister and sprayed cream all over her vagina. Once again, she flinched at the cold. He grinned at the girl and then dived straight in. As he furiously lapped away, wild tingles and sensations erupted across her pussy like a succession of active volcanoes. Her boss then ran his tongue along the length of her crack. Her eyes slammed shut and her head tilted back as the man said hello to her clitoris. 'Oh, Aleksanteri,' she snarled in ecstasy. 'You are fucking amazing.' Spurred on by such animated endorsement, his fervent tongue explored her pussy, up, down, left and right. No part of her vagina was left unlicked. Lyydia screeched with unbridled pleasure, enjoying her orgasm as his eager mouth consumed the rich cocktail of cream, remnants of strawberries and the fresh juice of Lyydia.

Aleksanteri clambered into a kneeling posture. He wiped away the mess from his face with the back of his hand and reached once again for the canister. This time, however, he pointed it at himself and smothered his penis in its entirety. And then he placed a strawberry upon the tip to complete the decoration. 'Now it's your turn to pleasure me.'

Lyydia wrapped her fingers around his penis. She lowered her head and opened her mouth, plucking the strawberry from his tip with her teeth. She chewed, she swallowed, she smirked and then got to work on his stiff dick, licking all round his helmet, imagining she was enjoying an ice cream cone on a sunny day. Next, Lyydia ran her tongue slowly down the length of his stiff shaft and back up again, forming narrow channels of bare skin through the thick white coat of cream, as if clearing snow from a pathway. 'Ooh, yeah, baby. Lick it clean.'

Lyydia nodded. She increased the speed of her tongue strokes, up and down, up and down, banishing all traces of whiteness. She licked it, kissed it, nuzzled on it and played with it, pleasing her man to the full. 'Suck it baby,' he demanded. 'Suck it good.' Lyydia opened her mouth wide and swallowed his hard cock whole. 'Ooh, yeah,' he murmured, closing his eyes. 'That is so fucking good.' Loving the praise, she sucked his rigid shaft for all her worth whilst groping his balls with her free hand. Her boss reached down and massaged her breasts as she continued to taste his meat. 'Ooh, baby,' he squealed in a curiously high voice for a man of authority. 'I am so close to coming. Please don't stop, please don't stop.' Lyydia had no plans to quit as her mouth worked his cock faster and faster. She had already tasted a delicious feast of strawberries and cream, and now she was about to enjoy some special cream of a very different variety. 'Oh, fuck,' he squealed. 'I'm going to explode!' And he sure did explode. Right into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it in one go, then smiled up at him. Never before had Lyydia found strawberries and cream so much fun. And she hadn't even had full sex with the man yet. Ah, but that would be a different story on a different day...

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