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SM or the best sex of my life

"Kaisa, you should experience something new every once in a while." Every time Mikko says something like that a little adventure begins. "Oh yeah?" Mikko smiled in his own affectionate cynical way and showed me the hand, that he hid behind his back the whole time. A black velvet blindfold was dangling between his fingers. "Mikko, you know…" Of course he knows. Why I am worried? Nothing is going to happen that I don't want. We also have the code word Mayday (a nice idea of a friend) in case I don't want to play along anymore. And if I'm gagged? Knocking three times has the same effect as the code word. Everything stops and we talk about what went wrong or what we didn't like. He knows, I know. Even if a third person plays with us, he will be stopped by Mikko if necessary, if he doesn't notice the code word or the knocking himself. Having an adventure, that's how I met Pekka, whom I love as well. Maybe a bit less than Mikko, but for him I would risk a lot as well to keep his sympathy for me. It is so normal, perverted for narrow-minded people, but maybe they would like it too, if they had a teacher like Mikko. How can something, that is fun for all participants, be bad?

I let my robe slit down my shoulders, I don't need a bra and I basically never were a slip, when Mikko and I are alone at home. So I stand in front of him, we exchange tender looks, he is aware of my trust in him, I know he takes good care of me. I feel safest, when I am around him. So I closed my eyes once again, sure that soon I couldn't think straight because of lust. He stepped behind me, put the blindfold over my eyes; first I felt the soft velvet, then his tender hands when he tied it. The blindfold sat tight, no movement could loosen it. His hands slit from my head, over my neck, shoulders and arms until he grabbed my hips and then my boobs. I heard a clicking noise, a key in the door, a new SM adventure. I am a little bit nervous of course. A slight breeze, the door is open. Click. Closed again. I don't like what I smell, but I got to stay cool. If I want, it will be over in a second. So I can wait what happens. Mikko still holds me from behind, I still feel save. Damn, he pulls his arms away. But his hands are touching my wrists. I feel the leather wristbands that I am used to; my arms are tied together on my back. Mikko is there, everything is alright. But the unfamiliar smell gets closer. I am not afraid, just anxious. Excitement. I sense him in front of me; the smell is not so bad anymore. Must have been some aftershave I didn't like. His body smells better. A hint of tobacco, some Whiskey or something similar and the essence of a man: lust. He must be right in front of me now. I feel his breath on my forehead, that smells like cigarettes. I quit smoking years ago, but I still like the smell of it though.

That man has to be way taller than me. Mikko grabbed my arms, the other guys stepped even closer to me. My breasts touch him, my nipples stroke something like linen. His lips touch my temple, they are soft, tender. My anxiousness becomes bearable. Mikko pushed hard against me from behind, his cock was already hard in his sweat pants and lay demanding between my butt cheeks. The other guy, who seriously smells as if he quickly drank a Jack Daniels before and therefore I am going to call him Jack, lay his hands on my hips. Warm, tight, pulled me closer, I felt his dick on my belly, hard. Only now I realized, that I had been extremely horny the whole time. I took a deep breath, my boobs pushed even harder on his linen shirt, my nipples were so hard and almost too sensitive, it hurt. I was wet, for a long time already and both of them knew it. Jack took his hands off my hips and the void it left, felt lonely and cold. He seemed to undress, I heard him throwing his clothes into a corner of our room. Then he was back, close to me. Now Mikko stepped back to get rid of his pants, while Jack grabbed my hips again, pulled me closer and pushed his cock against me. Mikko came back and pushed his penis against my back. I could feel two dicks pressing against me. Please! My head fell back towards Mikko, but Jack bent down to me, our lips touched softly.

Let the threesome begin

Once more, again, now harder his tongue pushed through my teeth, filled me up, took my breath away. Greed, hunger, all that was transferred onto me. Mikko's dick was between my thighs, touched my pubic hair, slipped from left to right through my pussy juice, slit deeper between my lips, soon he would fuck me. Jack grabbed me under my armpits, lifted me up, carried me away to the bedroom. "Mikko!" "Everything's fine darling." he replied. Good. Jack lay me down on our bed, then stepped away, I heard the two of them rummaging around. Clicking and clinging noises, I got hornier with every second. The draft in the room stimulated my nipples even more. Mikko kneeled next to me on the bed, pulled me up on my shoulders, onto the knees, opened the cuffs, Jack was suddenly standing next to me on the bed, took my hands from Mikko, put them over my head and tied them with leather wristbands to a rope, that was hanging from the ceiling. I was basically sitting on my knees, couldn't see anything and felt like screaming to finally fuck me. Mikko was right in front of me, kissed me, hard, his tongue behaved like a cock, pushed inside me. "Open your mouth, honey!" I opened my lips, when a small ball was shoved into my mouth. Jack tied it behind my head and I couldn't keep calm anymore. A gag! Mikko put his hands on my breasts, they calm me down, Jack rested his hands on my shoulders. He kneeled behind me, kissed my neck, I felt his hot tongue, he sucked on me, I wanted more!

Mikko then pushed his legs through my thighs, his cock touched my cunt, I kneeled above him. His hands were back at my breasts, he pinched my nipples with two fingers, harder and harder, I moaned since I couldn't scream. Jack's hands were on my ass spreading the cheeks a little bit. It felt amazing, more please! I felt my asshole open a little, Jack spread my cheeks again, rhythmical. Mikko took his hands off my boobs, briefly, then I felt something cold on my nipple. It was a clip, he closed it, the pressure was incredible, it hurt but I tolerated it, it pulled on me, there must have been some kind of weight on there. He did the same thing to my other nipple. If I could scream, but I can only moan, deep, not loud. My pussy juice had to stream on Mikko's dick already, I felt it. Please! Then Mikko grabbed my butt cheeks, spread them so that Jack could push one finger into my tight asshole. My breasts and my vagina were screaming for more. He pushed it in deeper, then back out, not completely, then in again. And while Jack fucked my ass gently with his finger, pushing it in deeper and deeper inch by inch, I felt Mikko's cock pulsating at my pussy. Mikko let go of my butt cheeks, after all Jack didn't need his help anymore, he lifted me a little bit so that his cock could rise under me, put it between my lips and by grabbing my hips, pushed me onto his dick. It was in deep. Aaaaaaahhh!

Harder and harder, faster and faster

Jack used his left hand to spread my butt cheeks, then shoved a second finger into my rim. More, deeper, fuck me! He pulled his fingers out and instead put his dickhead onto my hole. It was too much, I couldn't stand it, it was too big. But I wanted it, I was too horny. Slowly, please very gently! His dick pushed an inch into me, very carefully, he pushed some more, pulled back again, pushed it in again some more. My rim started to widen, the weights on my nipples were driving me crazy. He came in some more, I thought he would soon tear me apart, but the feeling was incredible. Then his big cock was in my ass. Mikko moved inside my vagina, slowly. I was nearly fainting. Jack pushed even deeper into my anus, still spreading my cheeks. I wanted more, deeper. I moved back a bit and therefore Jack's boner pushed even deeper into me. Mikko slipped out of my vagina, but immediately shoved it in again. Because of my movement Jack knew, that he could give me even more. He kept on pushing, his dick was extremely long, I still couldn't feel his belly on me, but that he filled my bowel and that the more I got the more I wanted.

Stop, I can't take you in so deep, wait, he pushed in the last bit and I thought I would explode. Hot waves were washing from his penis through my intestines, to my breasts, over my nipples hard as stone, my lips, my arms and at the same time my cunt was burning for Mikko's dick. They had to fuck me, no more holding back, give me what I want! Mikko touched my clit with his fingers. That was too much, I screamed into the gag, squirmed, pushed my ass backwards, then forward again to Mikko, pushed his dick into my cunt, as deep as possible. Mikko still rubbed my clit and with his other hand he touched the nipple clips. I was burning! And then they started to fuck me. Mikko grabbed my hips so I couldn't move anymore. He pushed his cock deep into my vagina and when he pulled it out again Jack shoved his dick deep into my ass. They took turns, faster and faster, it made me mad. I was biting the gag, my hands were clenched to fists, I screamed, I moaned, they fucked me fast and faster, harder and harder. Jack's cock pulsated deep in my ass, he pressed himself against me, he twitched once more, then he squirted hot juicy into my ass. Mikko moaned, pinched my hips, his dick pulsating, soon he'll come. Now! Jack left his cock in me, loosened the hook, held me tight and we both sank onto Mikko, who took the clips of my nipples, held my breasts in his hands carefully, kissed me on the corner of the mouth. Jack took the gag out of my mouth, hugged me, licked the sweat off my neck, took away the blindfold. Did I really want to know what he looks like?

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