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Sinikka's Sexual Fantasy

Sinikka loved Friday evenings. It was when her best friend - and gorgeous hunk - Jaakko came round with a rented DVD, a yummy pizza and a large bottle of vodka. She fancied him more than anybody else in the world, but there was one niggling little problem. Jaakko was gay. As such, she would never get to have sex with the man.Argh, she thought. What a waste of a penis.On the upside, they were the best of buddies, both caring deeply for each other, and acting almost like lovers, but without the sex or stupid arguments. On a Friday evening, Sinikka felt content on the sofa in Jaakko's arms. And wanted. And loved, even... in a friend-like, platonic, companionable way, of course. The downside? This was the closest she would ever get to a proper relationship with him. And via that factor alone, a tiny piece of her heart broke away and was lost forever each time they were this close.Jaakko placed the disc into the open DVD tray.'What movie did you rent out?' Sinikka asked him.'Bodycount 4.'Sinikka screwed up her face. 'Okaaaaaay. Is this film as violent and male orientated as it sounds?'Jaakko nodded. 'If it lives up to the first three movies, then yes.'Does not compute. 'What on Earth possessed you to choose something like that for our quiet night in together?''I haven't seen it yet.' Then taking note of her discontent, he added, 'If you want, I can go back to the shop and change it for something else.''No, don't worry about it. It's too late now.' Sinikka knocked back her drink and refilled the glass with happy juice. 'You never know. It might turn out to be a classic.'Yeah, right, she thought.

An hour into the movie, umpteen downed vodkas and one totally devoured pizza later, Sinikka hadn't realised there were so many ways to kill a human being; some quite ingenious, although executed a little too gory for her liking. So why had she stayed the distance? Simple. She didn't wish to move from Jaakko's tender arm around her shoulders.'Jaakko.''Yes?''That guy. The hero.''Flint Silver?''Yeah, him. Am I right in thinking he's an ice cream man?''That's right, yeah.''So how the hell does he know how to kill people? And where did he get all those weapons?''Flint used to be a secret agent for a hush-hush government organisation. But he quit in the second movie after his wife got murdered. After that, Flint decided to lie low and get himself an ordinary job, so the bad guys couldn't track him down.''What bad guys? I'm surprised there are any left. We're only an hour into this film and he's already taken out about two hundred people.''Two hundred and forty-two actually. I've been totting up the numbers in my head. Now you can see why it's called Bodycount.'Sinikka's eyes gravitated to Jaakko's groin area. Ooh, look. A lump. Bigger than usual. Not that she studied her best friend's down-below regions too often. Actually, that was a little white lie. In fact, a total whopper. Every time they were this close, she'd rest her head on his shoulder, eyes aimed downward, wondering what he was hiding in his pants. Especially on this particular occasion where his dick looked as if it was fighting to escape from the confines of its material prison.

Ah, but alas, his semi-erection was probably a false alarm. The chance of Jaakko being aroused by such closeness to Sinikka was slimmer than slim could possibly be. In his drunken state, Jaakko had often mentioned a male phenomenon known as half-hard, where the penis would reach an involuntary middling state. Not exactly erect, yet in no way flaccid. In most cases, it would happen without any prior warning. There didn't even need to be a reason. He'd also point out that a flaccid penis never retained a stable and accurate size. Sometimes it would appear much longer. But in extreme weather conditions - cocks were not lovers of the cold - it would shrink to the point of embarrassing. Wow. Biology lessons during her schooldays had never been this eye-opening.Diagnosis: Jaakko's somewhat inviting but stiflingly frustrating out-of-bounds lump was nothing more than an innocent half-hard. Safe. Non-threatening. Benign.Side effects: Sinikka was now more than just a little turned on. In fact, streams were beginning to trickle down below. Hmm. There was only one solution.

It was time for a sexual fantasy.She closed her eyes and allowed her imagination to take her on a journey.The lounge suddenly looked different. Another world. Expensive furnishings throughout, all matching and colour-coordinated. The boring magnolia paintwork was now replaced with a sexy shade of scarlet. The sofa on which they were seated was bigger, brand new and far more comfortable. Oh, wow. This was all set to be a wonderful daydream. Or rather, evening-dream, taking into account the brilliant moon and shimmering stars that shone down on the couple via the now roofless room.Wow! Jaakko's lump was now huge; bursting to be free from the darkness of his underwear. Sinikka grappled at his jeans, unzipping his fly with voracious haste. She pulled his jeans and underwear right down to his ankles, granting freedom at last to his rock hard cock.Mmm! What a magnificent weapon.'What are you doing?' he gasped, uneasy. 'You know I'm gay.''Not any more.' Sinikka lobbed him a wicked grin. 'In my sexual fantasy, you're into women. But not just any woman. Only me.'Jaakko looked pleased. He sat back, big grin, stiff cock pointed upwards, awaiting his fate. Sinikka knelt astride him. She hitched up her skirt, pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side and gently lowered herself onto his meat. Ooh, it felt good as she took him whole.Concern from Jaakko. 'Shouldn't I be wearing a condom?'The girl on the end of his cock made a face, as if to say keep up, Jaakko. 'No need. This isn't real life. It's my sexual fantasy.''Oh, sorry, I forgot.'Did she really imagine that conversation? Fuck's sake, girl, stop analysing your daydream, evening-dream, whatever it is. Just enjoy it. And so she did.

Sinikka slammed down hard upon his erect member as Jaakko unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it away. He craned his neck forward and explored her cleavage with an eager tongue. She unbuckled her bra and cast it aside.'Suck my nipples,' she ordered, her eyes burning with lust. 'Suck them hard.'Up and down, up and down, she continued, relentless, unyielding, as he tasted her left nipple. Lick, suck, nuzzle. Then onto the right nipple. Lick, suck, nuzzle. And back to the left. She pushed his head closer to her chest, spitting wild expletives as his wide-open mouth consumed a whole breast. Down below, Jaakko pushed a couple of fingers past his penis into her moist hole. Ooh. Two digits and a cock, all at once. Wow. She couldn't recall any of her previous fantasies being this naughty.Jaakko thrust his cock upwards as she crashed downwards. They both found their desired rhythm and gyrated in perfect harmony. He pushed his fingers deeper inside, adding to the sheer electricity that sizzled all over her body.'Fuck, fuck, fuck,' she growled, needing it badly.

Jaakko pumped harder, taking her growls as another order. In turn, she quickened her pace.'Do you like it?' Jaakko asked.'Ooh, yeah,' came her gasp of a reply. 'I love it, baby.'Sinikka withdrew herself from his penis and finger combo and clambered onto all fours. 'Now fuck me like a dog.'Did Jaakko refuse? No way. He pulled aside her gusset and plunged his dick into her dribbling pussy. Now it was his turn to be rough. He banged the girl with all his might, harder and faster upon every yelp of pleasure that escaped from her wide-open mouth.'I'm coming, I'm coming,' he squealed as he smashed his cock with haste into her hole.'Come over my tits!' 'Why?'

'Because I want this sexual fantasy to be really dirty.'Sinikka quickly rolled onto her back. Jaakko knelt over the girl and wanked hard. His cock then exploded, spraying hot seed all over her waiting bosoms. She smiled up at him, watching the guy squeeze out the last few remaining dribbles of come as she lathered the warm, sticky goo all over her breasts.Sexual fantasy over, she opened her eyes. Jaakko stood bent over by the DVD player, retrieving Bodycount 4 from the tray.'Oh. Did I miss the rest of the movie?' she asked, pretending to be concerned, but in reality not bothered at all.'Yes. You fell asleep,' Jaakko replied. 'Did you have a nice dream?''Oh, I certainly did,' said Sinikka, sporting the biggest of grins. 'The best ever.'

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