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Sex stories

Welcome to! Here we will regularly publish hot, sexy, juicy and erotic sex stories. Are you looking for a turn on, want to compare experiences, get new ideas to spice up your sex life or are you simply bored? Whatever reason you have, you came to the right place. Every story comes with an awesome picture of course. There are couple stories, threesomes, lesbians, fetish and much more. We update this page weekly so make sure to come back!

Heleena had the weirdest of wishes. More than anything, she wanted to have sex with an air guitar player. There was something about the way they moved their fingers that turned her on. This was the sole reason for visiting Oulu, the home of the annual Air Guitar World Championships where the competition was in full swing. As Heleena watched the contestants do their thing, she found herself particularly interested in a young man who went by the name of Eerik. Mmm, his expert fingerwork was making her vagina seriously pout. That's when she made a snap decision. Eerik was to be the lucky man she would have sex with tonight.

Lyydia worked as a secretary. It was a somewhat ordinary job, but at least it paid the bills. Oh, and she was lucky to have a very sexy and handsome man in charge. She had always fancied Aleksanteri, the office manager, and judging by the hungry way he looked and smiled at the girl on a daily basis, it was obvious he fancied her too. Every time he walked past her desk in the office, she would find herself drawn to the sizeable lump in his trousers. Mmm, behind that cotton wall was a big cock waiting to be enjoyed. On this occasion, however, he didn't walk past. Instead, he stopped at her desk. 'Lyydia,' he said, placing both palms flat upon the wooden surface. 'How would like to escape the confines of the office today and do your work at my place?' Lyydia smiled broadly. 'I'd love to.'

Sinikka loved Friday evenings. It was when her best friend - and gorgeous hunk - Jaakko came round with a rented DVD, a yummy pizza and a large bottle of vodka. She fancied him more than anybody else in the world, but there was one niggling little problem. Jaakko was gay. As such, she would never get to have sex with the man. Argh, she thought. What a waste of a penis.

Lyydia felt as horny as fuck. She hitched up her skirt and put her hand down the front of her knickers. Using the index and middle fingers of one hand, she rubbed her throbbing clitoris, instantly sending electric sensations all over her body. Her other hand joined in the fun by inserting one finger inside her wet hole, then two, then three. Mmm, talk about having her fill. All evening, she had been thinking about the day's sexy events at the house of Aleksanteri, her boss, where he had sprayed cream from a canister over her naked body, only then to lick her sensitive parts clean of their white coverings. Ooh, using cream in this manner was a true turn on.

She was the party girl. I never caught her name. In fact, I'd never laid eyes on her before that night, but fuck me, this girl was hypnotic. I couldn't stop staring at her curvaceous body as she moved to the music. While most of the drunken revellers at this house party had already surrendered to the comfort of the sofa, the scattering of chairs or even the carpet, she kept on dancing, kept on jollying it up, kept on rocking out to the vibes. It was clear this girl was all for living life to the full.

Tanja felt like the happiest girl alive. Draped in the fine white lace of her wedding dress, she admired herself in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Oh, wow. Tomorrow afternoon, she would be marrying Anton, her handsome boyfriend, her soulmate, the love of her life. And tomorrow evening would be their wedding night, where she would finally get to share his bed and sample his cock. And finally, for the first time in her life, she would discover the joys of sex.

Last night I experienced one of the most sensual and mind blowing episodes I will ever know. My name is Anna and by nature, I am a very shy individual, however the exciting ordeal that I enjoyed less than 24 hours ago has opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I have always been straight in sexual orientation, but I am now starting to reconsider this.

My name is Kristina, and what I am about to share with you was one of the most exciting months of my life. I am a 42 year old woman, standing at a little over 5 feet in height with a very full body. I have a wonderful pair of 34 DD breasts and the rest of my body is just as curvy. My thighs have made many other women, including my friends, very jealous over the years and my ass is to die for, even though I say so myself.

It was approaching the end of the night when Martti and Rebecca were becoming a little drowsy. It was Martti's birthday, so Rebecca had invited two of his closest friends around to have a few drinks with them. Martti had been drinking Jack Daniels and coke for most of the night and had consumed the best part of a litre, therefore was very drunk. Rebecca had been drinking mainly alcopops, therefore was a lot more sober, just a little merry. Martti's friends arrived a few hours after he had started drinking, so were still in a fit enough state to head into the city. However this was not going to happen as Martti could barely stand anymore.

Wow, talk about a chance encounter. Janina and Aarne hadn't laid eyes on each other for years. Back then, she'd fancied him and he'd fancied her. Hot sex had definitely been on the cards, but fate had other ideas. Aarne's career had taken him to another town, another place, and the two of them had lost contact. Until now.

So I was talking to a friend recently about my sex life and we must have been chatting for hours. We're both very sexual girls and constantly need a good bit of cock to keep us tame. I like to think of myself as a bit of a tiger, however when it comes to the game, she totally owns the plain. She knows all the best hangouts in town to pick up a fine piece of cock and although none of us are too fussy, she is like an encyclopedia of sausage.