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Welcome to! Here we will regularly publish hot, sexy, juicy and erotic sex stories. Are you looking for a turn on, want to compare experiences, get new ideas to spice up your sex life or are you simply bored? Whatever reason you have, you came to the right place. Every story comes with an awesome picture of course. There are couple stories, threesomes, lesbians, fetish and much more. We update this page weekly so make sure to come back!


As soon as Helka started her new job as a receptionist in the local medical surgery, she knew Doctor Juho Ranta was the guy for her. Warm dark eyes, short brown hair and the athletic physique of somebody who was deadly serious about the gym. Helka fancied him. In fact, she yearned to fuck him hard. And by the way the doctor smiled at her each time he strolled past the reception desk, it was obvious that he wanted her body just as badly.

Jarkko was late to meet his friends. He'd just finished his outdoor training at the University of Helsinki and was taking a shower. Enjoying the feel of the hot water on the back of his neck, he suddenly felt as though someone was watching him. He turned round to see the female gym teacher Mrs. Ranin standing at the doorway of the shower block watching him, twiddling her blonde hair between her fingers. He jumped a little as he automatically reached down to cover his cock and balls. "Mrs. Ranin, what are you doing?" He asked.

Krista felt naughty. She stood in the hallway before the closed bedroom door of her flatmate Hanna. Behind the door, the moans and murmurs of the early stages of sex rang out. Hanna and her boyfriend Martti were getting down to some seriously heavy petting. And here was Krista, listening in with one hand down her pyjama bottoms, stroking her crack.

So here I was in class yet again, history, Monday afternoon. Not only was the fact that it was the beginning of the week, complemented by the most depressing lesson ever, torturous enough, but this double period was also made more painful whenever she walked in. Oh and was she certainly a she! This fine example of a female would usually appear in class five or ten minutes late meaning she tallied up a healthy entourage of detention slips during her years here.

Krista couldn't believe she was about to do it for the second time that week. Yes, once again, she was all set to take a crafty peek through the keyhole into her flatmate Hanna's bedroom, just as she had enjoyed a few nights ago. The keyhole spy had just arrived home from an evening out. The girl had felt a strong desire for a bout of good hard sex, so she'd tried her luck at a local nightclub... to no avail. No man had offered her his services. Insert #fail here. And now here she was, standing in a dark hallway, just as horny as she had been on her way out. The reason for wanting to spy through the keyhole was simple...

The station clock now shows the time of 10:59 pm and as everything seems to be incredibly quiet, rushing footsteps can be heard approaching from a distance. A silhouette of a woman reinforces the clear sound of stilettos gradually becoming louder as she advances toward the platform. Only a few dim lights remain switched on and as the last call is made on the tanoy system, a lady in her early twenties scurries around the corner. As she steps into the light, her figure and taste in fashion becomes clearer. A full bodied woman graces the platform with her astonishing presence and as her thick pink legs alternate, the rest of her body moves with incredibly feminine unison. Her feet are cocooned in beige stilettos and in the right light, it is clear to see her legs were waxed very recently.

I am a slim guy, 39 years old, and I enjoy going around cities in Europe to try out the "local flavour". Regularly you can find me on a nude beach and other places where there is something to experience, such as the sleezy back-alley nightclubs. I had gone to a small unisex nudist beach in Helsinki called Pihlajasaari a short while ago. I sat on the sands reading for a while when a chance encounter with a young couple presented itself, I estimated them both early 20s, maybe even a little younger, I assumed them both to be locals, a pretty young blonde girl called Janna and a blonde man called Alexi. She greeted me as they walked pass, I politely smiled back and watched her walk away.

This was the second occasion in twenty-two-year-old Elissa's life that she had waved goodbye to her home country of Finland to visit the green and rolling hills of England. The first time had been when she was a small child. Her father had brought the girl over here to show her where he had originated from. He'd been an Englishman on business in Finland when he met and instantly fell in love with her mother. The man promptly moved to Finland and a white wedding with all the trimmings came not long after. Another year later, Elissa was born and the rest was history.

“Kaisa, you should experience something new every once in a while.” Every time Mikko says something like that a little adventure begins. “Oh yeah?” Mikko smiled in his own affectionate cynical way and showed me the hand, that he hid behind his back the whole time. A black velvet blindfold was dangling between his fingers. “Mikko, you know…” Of course he knows. Why I am worried? Nothing is going to happen that I don’t want. We also have the code word Mayday (a nice idea of a friend) in case I don’t want to play along anymore. And if I’m gagged? Knocking three times has the same effect as the code word. Everything stops and we talk about what went wrong or what we didn’t like. He knows, I know. Even if a third person plays with us, he will be stopped by Mikko if necessary, if he doesn’t notice the code word or the knocking himself.

It was Friday again. Kati and I went to a nice dinner with Sylvi. Back then Sylvi didn’t have a boyfriend, so we would hang out just the three of us a lot. Those were nice days we spend together. Everybody was jealous, when I walked with them arm in arm on the streets. With Kati on one arm and Sylvi on the other I felt like I was in paradise. It was exactly like that on the evening of the dinner. As usual the two girls looked fantastic. Kati was wearing a red dress, which showed off her body perfectly and Sylvi was wearing a white blouse and a blue mini-skirt. No wonder that the two were in the middle of attention from all the guys.

Sanna and I had planned a little trip for the weekend and today was finally the day. It was in the late afternoon when Sanna stood at my door and surprised me once again with her choice of clothing. She wore black boots, black nylon stockings, a white miniskirt and a white blouse through which you could see her black bra and big boobs. She looked amazing and I felt a little stupid in my flower dress.

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The times are over when you had to go to a video rental or sex shop in shame to buy erotic videos and porn magazines. Thanks to the internet it is fast and easy to watch porn videos even for free whenever you want. But doesn’t that also mean, that watching the same videos over and over again gets boring with time? One thing to spice up your sex life could be to make your own video. Not necessarily for the internet, but as a little kick for yourself. Another way of getting in the right mood is to read our erotic and sex stories. The good thing is, that you don’t actually see what is going on like in videos, which leaves much more space for your imagination. And another plus is, that you won’t get could easily reading them. No embarrassing video of people having sex on your screen or the moaning noise when you accidentally set the volume too loud. Reading our stories is safe and sexy! If you feel like writing stories yourself and publish them, contact us and we’ll talk about it. Until then, enjoy!

What can you learn from these stories?

Our stories are not only fun to read, but can also be very educational. Who said, that learning can’t be fun? Did you ever think about having a threesome but no idea how to get started? Or did you want to try SM, but you aren’t sure how it works? The stories on are part fantasy, but very realistic. But most important of all, most stories are based on real life events and memories. So what you read here can also work for you. And after some practice, you might want to tell the others about your experiences, too. You haven’t found the right person yet to practice with? No problem! You can register at and find the right sex partner from Finland for you. Women, men, younger, older, couples, whatever you can think of, you can find it here.