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Sex on the beach

I am a slim guy, 39 years old, and I enjoy going around cities in Europe to try out the "local flavour". Regularly you can find me on a nude beach and other places where there is something to experience, such as the sleezy back-alley nightclubs. I had gone to a small unisex nudist beach in Helsinki called Pihlajasaari a short while ago. I sat on the sands reading for a while when a chance encounter with a young couple presented itself, I estimated them both early 20s, maybe even a little younger, I assumed them both to be locals, a pretty young blonde girl called Janna and a blonde man called Alexi. She greeted me as they walked pass, I politely smiled back and watched her walk away.

For about an hour afterwards I couldn't concentrate on my book, instead fantasizing about that firm ass wiggle away. I decided to put down my book and swim around in the cool waters for a while to cool off and hide my erection from the others. Upon wading back to shore, I noticed the girl was sitting next to the guy about 20 meters from where my beach chair was. There she was, sunbathing in a very tight little bikini, with the bikini bottom barely covering all of her pussy, her blonde hair flowing down her shoulders. They were laying amongst a park of the beach that was partially obscured from view by tall grass and rocks, so I decided to creep my way closer to them, just within ear shot, and watch her sweat glistening body shine in the sun. For the most part I could only see them from the waste up, but I could see the man's arm moving back and forward and she was slowly thrusting her hips. From her gentle moaning I could guess that had his fingers in her pussy. I was anxious of being naughty, they were each half my age, but I had such a strong erection that it would be instantly noticed through my shorts, so I decided to stay and watch. I tried to get a little closer, hoping to catch a glimpse of this 20 something year old girl's wet pussy. I crawled a little closer through the tall grass and managed to get a better look at the couple playing with each.

I could see that the man had a cock as hard as mine as Janna softly stroked her fingers along the length of it and pull it full out of his beach shorts. I couldn't believe I was getting a live show. The young couple was kissing now, the man had cupped her supple little breasts and pulled her bikini top to the side, letting those firm tits become exposed, and pinching her stiff nipples. She was facing away from him at this point, and pushing her round ass into his crotch, I could tell from the way they paused for a moment and her long sigh of pleasure that he slid his hard cock into her pussy.

They must have known that there was a naked guy, me, not 20 meters from them (just a few meters now), and it was surely the reason that made their thrusting all the more frenzied as it fueled their horniness. She was on her back now, her knees held close to her chest and her shapely little feet pressing against his chest, her toes curly in pleasure. I could see his cock glisten from how soaking her pussy must have been.If there was ever a moment that I was ready to spray my cum all over the inside of my shorts, then now would be the time. The first of them to catch me was the girl as she looked over her shoulder while her boyfriend was balls deep inside her. She had an excited look in her eyes, and he followed her gaze and spotted me, too. None of us said a word, we were all frozen for a moment, but the look in their body language suggested that I was a welcomed visitor, but what were they expecting of me?

He continued fucking her, slowly this time, and after a moment I gathered my courage and decided to move closer to them. I watched his cock slide into her again and again, it was thick enough that her pussy was gripping it tightly, stretching, and leaking her wet all over the length of it, and could hear it gently make slicking noises. I began stroking her legs, slowly at first, afraid of her reaction, but she didn't seem to mind. I threw off my shorts, and rubbed my cock against her soft feet, her lips curled into a cute pout. His thrusts were becoming slower and deeper, withdrawing until just the tip of his cock touched her tight pussy, a small tuft of pubic hair glistening with sweat, before he slammed back in hard, forcing her to give a short moan.

"May I?" I hear myself ask.He looked at her for approval, she gave a curt nod, and he withdrew, with a long streak of pussy wet stretch from his cock to her pussy.I got between her legs, lying on my stomach. She instinctively rest her legs against my shoulders, and I began rubbing her clit with my tongue, and pushing my fingers into her pussy. It was wetter than I had imagined, they gave entry to my fingers without and force.Barely containing my excitement any longer, I pulled myself up a little and gently slid the length of my cock slowly as deep into her pussy as I could. It was tight, really tight, but her wetness let the gain entry with ease as I could feel her pussy lips stretching around my thickness. Her hand was stroking her boyfriend’s cock, her mouth opening slightly as if she desperately wanted to suck it but the press of my body was preventing her to move any closer to him.

She was moaning with more excitement now, I could tell she was getting into it, her chest was becoming red, her face was blushing, and she was gripping her boyfriend's cock very tightly as she jacked him off. Her feet were against my chest, her shift in position allowed me to force entry deeper into her. This was something straight out of a porn movie, I thought. The girl flipped her body over, giving me a naughty look over her shoulder, suggesting she wanted me to mount her in doggy style. Her boyfriend sat in front of her, and she took his manhood in her mouth as I parted her pussy lips when I entered her. Her wet was everywhere now, smeared across her asshole and dripping down my thighs, it was the most beautiful sight of my trip to Helsinki. Teasing her, I pushed my index finger into her asshole as I continued fucking her, and could feel her tense as she hadn't expected it, but her muffled sounds of moaning as her mouth was full of cock suggested she enjoyed it.The thought of giving this guy's girlfriend an orgasm while he watched me fuck her was bringing me close to climax. She was a hot little thing, easily the hottest girl that I've ever fucked, and half my age, too. Even from this angle, I could see her wet pussy throb and tense as my thick cock gave her a brutal fucking, a few drips of sweet young wet pour down the length of my cock and onto my balls as I thrusted.

At that moment you have no sense of time, but I think the girl came after a few minutes fucking and anal play. Her body seemed to almost convulse, her legs were shaking violently and her toes curled, giving out a long moan of pleasure while her boyfriend's cock was still in her mouth. I assume the added effect of watching a stranger fuck his girlfriend into submission must have been hot for him, because in that moment he came, too. I could see thick white cum drip out of her mouth as she was still moaning as I fucked her.She was becoming almost like an orgasmic mess, laying there helpless, all of her holes being filled and stretched. She had my cock stretching her soaking pussy, my finger deep in her asshole, and her mouth overflowing with his cum. It was all too much for me, I could feel the tip of my cock give the telltale tingle that I was about to explode. And there it was, that tensing feeling in my balls as I begin pumping hot streams of cum into her 20 year old tight pussy. My cock was so far buried inside her that I was no doubt dumping my seed deep inside her. She was still convulsing from a long orgasm, and it was a chain reaction, from her, to him, to me.I gave her a last few punitive thrusts, ensuring that I deposit every last drop of cum inside her. I wanted her to put her bikini bottom back on, and the thought of her walking around with my cum dripping out of her all day, the thought of her boyfriend having watching her cum and be abused was enough for me to jack off to the thought of for weeks to come.She gave me a short kiss on the lips, and her eyes suggested, "Thank you".

Around an hour later I attempted yet again to read my book after having a long swim to shake off the excitement and the volume of pussy wet I had on me."Thank you, again". I heard.I looked up and saw the young couple smiling down on me."Thank [i]you[/i]", I replied, returning their smile. "I'm jealous of your friend", I continued, "I'll be sure to visit again next year".

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