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Sex In School

So here I was in class yet again, history, Monday afternoon. Not only was the fact that it was the beginning of the week, complemented by the most depressing lesson ever, torturous enough, but this double period was also made more painful whenever she walked in. Oh and was she certainly a she! This fine example of a female would usually appear in class five or ten minutes late meaning she tallied up a healthy entourage of detention slips during her years here. Part of me still thinks she did this on purpose however as our history teacher was a good looking man in his mid thirties and I always suspected she had something going on with him. Not to mention she was an absolute stunner who could manipulate any man she wanted with relative ease.

Bronze legs illuminated the room every time she entered with her 'fashionably late' attitude and the shape of these amazing pins would turn any man into a stuttering puppy dog...and she knew it. You see, every other girl in our class was as pale as a ghost, so this superbly tanned adolescent was generally regarded as the Elle McPherson of our grade. She was called Anna and she was a little slut.

For three years straight, I had to sit next to this flirtatious little cunt and endure her relentless teasing. I've never been a bad looking guy, but she would always use her feminine charms to have our teacher put a number on me whenever I didn't bend over and take it up the ring for every one of her incessant, childish demands. Pick my pencil up, do my work, give me your drink, idiotic obscenities like this were some of the most common ridicules. I had plenty of drinks I wanted to give her but they usually ended up shooting into the depths of my socks instead.

First I will describe the lesson before 'it happened'. I walked into class with my usual expectations of a torturous lesson, and that is precisely what it was. Unaware to myself, there was a premeditated motive in play that I was completely blind to at the time. Anna walked in five minutes late as per usual and so she was instantly given another detention, however for a change, she didn't' seem too impressed. The next two hours therefore turned into a twisted roller coaster of abuse and sexual torment aimed directly toward yours truly. She had a lollipop in her pocket and started sucking away at it while grinding her leg up against mine. She got like this occasionally anyway so I had learned to partially ignore it. Still, every time I turned around and growled into those vicious but gorgeous brown eyes of hers, I couldn't' t help but be overpowered by her seductive returning gazes.

Around half an hour of this nonsense followed and by this point, it was driving me insane, my dick was about ready to explode and then she decided to flick her pencil from the table. I thought it was another nefarious torment and just as I was about to concede to her silly demand of picking it up, she bewildered me by standing up to get it herself. This caused me multiple levels of relief and amazement. I already had a sausage the length of my ruler, so standing up would have probably have caused severe embarrassment. However the most spectacular part of this revelation was those pearly gates at the top of Anna's incredible thighs. The little whore always wore the shortest skirts imaginable, but who could blame her, that sweet body of hers was perfect. As she bent over, my eyes became more dilated than any woman during childbirth. It was like God had paid extra attention to this sexy little slut as her ass was beautifully curvy and brown. She was by no means fat, but she had a nice amount of backside to grab. Just as she picked up her pencil, she turned around and gazed right at me, almost causing me to ejaculate on the spot. I couldn't contain myself anymore, so I made my excuses and nipped to the lavatory for a wank.

As soon as I walked back into class, all hell had broken loose. Anna was crying and our teacher was looking at me like a piece of shit. She had gone and told him that I must have picked her pocket when her back was turned and like the well trained schoolyard dog he is, he took her every word as gospel truth. I didn't even get a chance to deny it, I was stuck in detention with this malignant little bitch.

So the following night came and I walked into detention with thoughts of homicide rattling throughout my head, I wanted to batter the little slut, so I sat at the opposite side of the room. Anyway our teacher then stood up and declared that he had a meeting to go to and we had half an hour to make up. I then wanted to batter him for his irritating attempt of sarcasm. What was about to follow though still shocks me to this day. Literally no more than five seconds after the door slammed shut, Anna's face transformed into the filthiest collage of smiles and winks, and as soon as her amazing legs began to alternate toward me, my cock started to grow.

Barring the obvious, I was not about to question the underlying tactics of what exactly was happening to me, nor did I have time. This malicious little slut immediately undid the top two buttons of her blouse and as she leaned over the desk, her lips met with mine, initially with some form of delicacy and elegance. She wasted no time at all though. Within half a minute, my cock was harder than a navy seal and her tongue was so far down my throat, it was ping-ponging off my tonsils. Within another thirty seconds, our breathing momentum was approaching the pace of a pair of gold winning Olympians and her blouse was now fully undone.

By this point, Anna was sat on my lap with her thick brown legs spread wide. Using her feminine centre to grind against my pulsating cock, it was clear this filthy bitch had been around. Her tongue was licking one side of my neck and then occasionally she would swerve to the other side to have a nibble. Anna was now on fire and couldn't get her hands to the zip of my trousers quickly enough. As soon as she had unfastened them, my hard dick sprung out like a rampant mousetrap. Her tongue was instantly back down my throat as soon as my cock was welcomed into her slutty wet pussy. What a ride she was too. Within less than a minute she was jumping rapidly on my hard cock and while her sweating tits were repeatedly nodding against my face, her moans started to fill the room. She was wild and the dirty excited smile on her face only encouraged me to take control.

I gave that sexy ass of hers a really good spanking and those screams of hers shifted me into second gear. It was then, I picked her up and laid her on the table. Her La Senza knickers were still attached to her body but I didn't care. After aggressively rubbing her perfect tits for a few seconds, I grasped her amazing thighs and began to pound her as hard as the muscles in my spine would let me. This girl couldn't get enough and I was beginning to take complete control. My hard thrusting method was hitting her in all the right places and we were both emitting roughly two or three heartbeats to every one of her screams. I grabbed one of her legs and as I started licking her calf, she knew she was being screwed like a professional porn star. This little slut had this wrath coming to her for years and I was intent on delivering every cell of sperm my bollocks had produced that day. Faster and harder I went and this girl was screaming the school down now, you would think it was Columbine revisited. I could see she was approaching a great orgasm so I started pretending she was the teachers girlfriend and truly abused that slutty fanny. I was approaching something groundbreaking myself so I leaned right over the top of her and followed by grasping her hair with a truly masculine force. Both her noises and mine combined were making a racket and a was now giving it all I had. "Take it you slut" I shouted and as her juices leaked out all over my throbbing cock, I exploded right into her well developed hole.

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