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Sex And The Finnish Traveller

This was the second occasion in twenty-two-year-old Elissa's life that she had waved goodbye to her home country of Finland to visit the green and rolling hills of England. The first time had been when she was a small child. Her father had brought the girl over here to show her where he had originated from. He'd been an Englishman on business in Finland when he met and instantly fell in love with her mother. The man promptly moved to Finland and a white wedding with all the trimmings came not long after. Another year later, Elissa was born and the rest was history.Ah, but this time Elissa was travelling alone. She was all set to meet a young man a year or two older called Matt. They'd met about eight months ago on the internet. Right from the start there had been a strong mutual attraction. However, not for romance. Oh, no, they'd both agreed they were both far too young to settle down. No, this was a sexual attraction. For the last few months they'd satisfied their animal-like carnal desires by watching each other masturbate via the webcams on their laptops. And now they were all set to fuck for real. Oh, wow, one whole weekend of dirty rampant sex. Elissa's pussy pouted at the prospect of feeling Matt's hard cock deep inside her for real. Mmm, and down below she was already dripping wet with excitement.Elissa alighted from the train. She had no trouble locating the correct bus to take the girl to her destination. Her command of the English language was excellent. Her father had been a good teacher.

As Elissa rang Matt's doorbell and waited, her whole body shimmered with the sheer thrill of what was about to happen. Oh, wow, this was it. Sex, sex, sex, all weekend long. However, she was surprised to find the door answered by a young woman of about her age who wore a skimpy t-shirt and a short skirt. Oops, had Elissa made a mistake, turning up at the wrong house?The woman smiled in an affable manner. 'Ah, you must be Elissa. Do come in'Elissa nodded as she was led into the house, not too sure of what was going on. 'That's right.''Matt will be home in a short while. He's just popped out to buy some milk.'The two girls entered the lounge. Elissa planted herself on the sofa. The mystery woman sat directly opposite.'Don't worry, Elissa. I'm not a wife he hasn't told you about. My name is Mandy. I rent the spare room.' Mandy then grinned. 'But I do have a confession to make. I've seen you masturbate on Matt's laptop.''What?' Elissa's mouth fell wide open. Although, weirdly enough, the revelation kind of turned her on.'It was an accident. I went into Matt's bedroom one evening to ask if he fancied a cup of tea and there you were on the computer screen in all your glory.' She wiggled her eyebrows in a provocative manner. 'You have a beautiful pussy, Elissa. I would so love to taste it.'Elissa wasn't sure whether or not to take the remark as a compliment. Mandy then parted her legs. Elissa's eyes widened. The woman wasn't wearing any underwear. Mandy placed a finger upon her bare vagina and caressed her already moist crack. Elissa's own pussy surprisingly pouted as the woman opposite began to pleasure herself.

'Have you ever been with another woman, Elissa?''No. Never.' It was true. She hadn't.'Would you like to try?'Normally, Elissa wouldn't think twice about politely refusing another woman's advances, but she was so fired up about the prospect of sex with Matt, she couldn't help herself. Any inhibitions she once harboured were lost to the ether. Elissa took no time at all in peeling off her clothes and sitting back on the sofa. She opened her legs wide as Mandy left her armchair, stripped naked and knelt before the girl's exposed pussy.Elissa murmured with approval as Mandy's warm tongue explored her wet crevice. Ooh, it was so weird, but it felt so right. Up and down, Mandy's tongue rolled and lapped as she used her index finger to caress the Finnish girl's clit. Oh, wow, mmm, Elissa could get used to this.'Am I interrupting anything, ladies?' It was a man's voice.The two girls looked up. Matt stood a few feet away. He was also naked. His clothes were strewn all over the floor. That's when Elissa realised. He must have been watching Mandy licking her pussy. Elissa also noticed something else. His monster of an erect penis stood to attention like a rocket ready to launch. Wow, it was so much bigger in real life.'I want it now,' gasped Elissa, licking her lips with glee. 'Give it to me hard.' Matt accepted the invitation. Mandy shuffled across to give the man room as he knelt before the Finnish girl, grabbed her hips and pulled her closer.'I've been waiting so long for this, Elissa.'Elissa smiled. 'So have I.'

Matt positioned his penis and thrust forward. Elissa squealed loudly with delight as his hard cock slid deep inside her willing hole. Mmm, it felt so good as Matt began to gyrate hard and fast. As he fucked her pussy, Mandy licked her breasts and nuzzled on her erect nipples. Elissa's right hand grabbed Matt's buttocks, pushing him closer, so that his big cock plunged deeper and deeper inside her tunnel of love. Elissa's left hand reached downward and discovered Mandy's moist pussy. Curious fingers explored her wet crack and then were pushed deep inside the woman's warm hole. In turn, Mandy cupped Matt's balls. Her fingers then moved up Matt's wet shaft as he continued to fuck Elissa and somehow found the room to enter the girl's pussy. Oh, wow, Elissa thought to herself. Mandy's fingers and Matt's cock up her hole at the same time. Pure ecstasy.Matt suggested that they move to the bedroom to continue the threesome. The girls agreed. They all entered the bedroom and onto the bed they jumped. 'Climb aboard each other, girls,' said Matt with the widened eyes of raw zeal. 'I want to fuck you both at once.'Elissa frowned, not sure how it was possible to have sex with two women at the same time, yet Mandy seemed to have the solution. 'Elissa, lie on the bed,' she requested.

Elissa did as she was told. Mandy lay face down on top of the girl. Matt took his position on top of Mandy, licking the warm flesh of her back as he guided his stiff penis into her hole. Mandy moaned loudly with pleasure as Matt pounded her pussy, in and out, in and out. At the bottom of the pile, Elissa let out a gasp of excitement as Matt's relentless pounding caused Mandy's swollen clit to rub across her own sensitive love bud, sending flashes of electricity all over her squirming body. After a minute or so, Matt withdrew his throbbing weapon and instead pushed it deep inside Elissa's dripping wet vagina. She slammed her eyes shut and smiled broadly as Matt pumped faster and faster, deeper and deeper. A short while later, he pulled it out and plunged himself back inside Mandy's waiting hole. A few pumps later, his cock returned to Elissa's wet tunnel. Then back to Mandy. Then back to Elissa. Then back to Mandy.Elissa giggled. Ah, so this was how a man could fuck two girls at the same time.As Matt continued his double cockplay, Elissa knew it wouldn't be long before she reached her climax. A strong feeling of euphoria was building up inside her, and now it was about to be released. Matt stabbed her hole once more with his rock hard meat and gyrated faster than ever before. That's when it happened.

'Oooohhh, yessssss!!!' Elissa cried out in a state of pure ecstasy. Mmmm, never before had she felt such a powerful orgasm. Mandy fiercely rubbed her own clit and yelped with sheer delight as she too reached her ultimate pleasure.Matt gasped, 'I'm coming, I'm coming!'The man pulled his cock free of Elissa's soaked hole and wanked for all his might as Mandy quickly turned around to lay on the bed beside Elissa. It was then when Matt exploded, sending shooting stars of hot semen into the air, soon coming to land upon the waiting breasts of Elissa and Mandy.Elissa grinned from ear to ear as Matt collapsed on the bed, satisfied he'd done his job. Oh, wow, this girl from Finland had never had so much fun. And this was only the beginning of the weekend. There was still plenty of time for more insatiable bouts of hot sex. Would her pussy be able to survive a whole weekend of unbridled debauchery?One thing was for sure. This would be a trip to England she would never ever forget.

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