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Sex And The Air Guitar Player

Heleena had the weirdest of wishes. More than anything, she wanted to have sex with an air guitar player. There was something about the way they moved their fingers that turned her on. This was the sole reason for visiting Oulu, the home of the annual Air Guitar World Championships where the competition was in full swing.

As Heleena watched the contestants do their thing, she found herself particularly interested in a young man who went by the name of Eerik. Mmm, his expert fingerwork was making her vagina seriously pout. That's when she made a snap decision. Eerik was to be the lucky man she would have sex with tonight.

After the contest, Heleena tracked him down in a nearby bar. Drinks were brought. They began to chat. He had come sixth in the Championships which wasn't bad for a first-timer. He told the girl he would have probably done better if he'd had people cheering him on. As a person new to the game, he lacked a devoted following.

'My sole wish is to find myself some fans,' he told her. 'Even just one fan would do for starters.'Heleena grinned. 'I'll be your fan. But only if you grant me my wish.''What's your wish?' he asked.

She whispered her reply in his ear. By the way his face illuminated, he certainly liked the idea. After the disappointment of not winning the contest, sex with a gorgeous girl would cheer him up no end.

It didn't take them long to make their way back to Heleena's hotel room. As the couple kissed furiously, Heleena wrapped her arms around Eerik, grasping fervently at his back muscles through the thin cotton barricade of his t-shirt. In turn, he explored beneath her top where eager fingertips caressed the soft, warm flesh of her torso.

Eerik's lips bid farewell to her mouth and journeyed slowly downwards, planting hot kisses upon her cheeks, her neck, her shoulders, until finally reaching the point where collar met bosom. Heleena moaned with elated approval as his hungry tongue burrowed deep into her cleavage. It seemed as though Eerik knew exactly which buttons to press to turn her on, as if he'd read the Heleena operating manual word for word. She could feel herself becoming oh so moist down below. At last, her wish was being fulfilled. She was getting her wicked way with an air guitar player.

They pulled off each other's t-shirts. He impressed the girl by unhooking her bra with one hand. Party trick apparently. She yearned to ask how many women he'd undressed to reach such a pinnacle in his talent, but decided against it. She was probably better off not knowing.With all above-the-waist garments discarded, Eerik and Heleena clambered onto the bed. Heleena slid both hands inside the seat of his trousers and squeezed his buttocks as he nuzzled hungrily on her nipples. She then manoeuvred one such hand to the front of his trousers where she discovered his hidden treasure. Wrapping her fingers around his hard cock, she began to masturbate him. Judging by the murmurs he emitted whilst sucking on her tits, she was doing a grand job.

Eerik grappled with his trousers and underwear, yanking them down to his knees. This gave Heleena more room to play with his erect dick. She pumped his shaft with vigour as he went about hitching up her skirt. Everything was moving so fast now. Unbridled passion had firmly taken a foothold. He parted her legs, but didn't didn't bother to remove her knickers. Instead, he pulled aside the gusset, revealing moist, pink lips.'Ooh, yeah,' he murmured, smiling. 'Nice looking pussy.''Thank you.'

Just like how he had played his air guitar on stage, he strummed his fingers across Heleena's pussy. Ooh, yes, Heleena yelped in ecstasy as his fingers worked their magic. The girl was turned on, big-time. She yearned to taste his huge cock. Eerik cried out with delight as the majority of his penis disappeared inside her mouth, only to see the light of day again upon the upward cycle, just before surrendering to the darkness of her throat once more. Heleena fell instantly in love with Eerik's spectacular penis. She loved its size, its warmth, its taste, everything.'Oh, Heleena, let me taste you too.'

Continuing to suck his dick, she used one hand to discard her skirt and knickers. She then twisted her body in the opposite direction until her groin was mounted upon his waiting mouth. He lolled out his tongue. It made contact with her pussy lips. Heleena groaned with pleasure as he lapped feverishly at her crevice like a thirsty cat with a bowl of milk. The faster he licked, the harder she sucked. It took teamwork to a whole new level.And then his tongue found her clit. Oh, my fucking God, the electricity tore through her groin like a lightning bolt as he sucked on it, lapped at it, chewed at it. This made her suck, lick and chew his stiff weapon with wild and feverish relish.

They could have gorged on each other's delights for hours, but Heleena wanted something else, something more. Her body was yelling, shouting, screaming to be fucked hard. Right now, more than anything, she needed his stiff shaft inside her pussy.'Fuck me, Eerik,' she growled. 'And fuck me good.'

She lay on her back. He mounted the girl and pushed his cock deep inside her waiting pussy. Gasping loudly, she wrapped both arms tightly around his body and scratched the warm flesh of his back with eager nails as he thrust with all his might, in and out, in and out, in and out, pummelling her willing hole with his rigid staff. She bore down with her pelvis as he thrust upwards, discovering rhythm, harmony, shared movement, everything. Oh, God, she could feel the juices down below beginning to build up, flowing downwards like hot molten lava bursting free from a pressure-packed volcano. She gasped, she panted, she shrieked, she yelped. Oh, wow, fucking yes. Never before in her entire life had she felt this amazing. As if her noise was a cue to up his game, he pounded harder, faster and deeper inside her. Her eyes slammed shut, her head rolled back and a crazed smile filled her face as she allowed him to bang her pussy, yelping loudly with delight at each smash.

Heleena twisted to one side, taking Eerik with her. They both rolled off the bed and onto the carpet. The man landed on his back, the girl on top of him, his penis still deep inside.

'My turn to be in control,' she whispered suggestively.She sat up straight and spat out shrieks of pleasure as she rode his stiff weapon for dear life. Eerik clutched the girl's hips and leered with excitement, watching his throbbing cock being swallowed whole upon every downward plunge.All of a sudden, he pushed her away. She tumbled sideways, but managed to roll over and land on all fours like a cat after its leap of faith. Eerik grinned as he knelt directly behind her, both hands placed firmly upon her buttocks.'I want to take you like a dirty dog,' he growled, headstrong, authoritative, back in charge.

Eerik rediscovered her waiting hole and stabbed it once again with his sword of flesh. She was soaked down below. It slid in with ease. He pushed it right to the hilt. Then out again. And back in. And out again. She screamed with pleasure as she took the punishment for her man, plunge after plunge after plunge. They grunted, they gasped, they moaned and they rasped as he relentlessly smashed his stiff cock into her dripping wet pussy.For Heleena, the pressure inside was building up to bursting point. Tingling sensations raged all over her legs, her inner thighs, her groin, everywhere. Her body began to tremble violently. It wouldn't be long before she reached her orgasm.

Eerik quickened his pace, tenfold. Upon each powerful thrust, his balls slammed hard against her clitoris, stimulating the pea to the point of ecstasy.'I'm coming!' they both shrieked at the top of their voices in perfect unison, as if they'd rehearsed the line for weeks.Eerik steeled himself as his warm seed was fired from his cannon. Heleena polished herself with her fingers like a crazy woman as she rode the hectic waves of the greatest climax she'd ever experienced.And then the episode of passion was over. They both said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Maybe they'd meet again at next year's contest. Or maybe they wouldn't. Either way, in the great scheme of things, it didn't really matter. They'd both gained something important from tonight's experience. She had been granted her wish.And he had acquired a devoted fan.

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