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Reunion For Sex

Wow, talk about a chance encounter. Janina and Aarne hadn't laid eyes on each other for years. Back then, she'd fancied him and he'd fancied her. Hot sex had definitely been on the cards, but fate had other ideas. Aarne's career had taken him to another town, another place, and the two of them had lost contact. Until now.This afternoon, she'd bumped into him in town. A change of career had brought him back to his roots. Not willing to let him slip through her fingers a second time, she'd promptly invited him to her place tonight for a romantic dinner date.Fast-forwarding to the evening, the meal was cooking in the oven. The table in the lounge stood decorated for refined and sophisticated dining. Tablecloth, glassware, placemats, the works. The room itself was bathed in the delicate, semi-lit ambience of a single candle standing aflame at the centre of the table, complimented by the warm, golden glow of a strategic lamp in the far corner. Everything was set for a romantic meal... and hopefully plenty of good hard sex!

To say Janina was excited was an understatement. Her heart was a'flutter, her eyes shone bright and her smile stretched so far across her face, it had very little room to manoeuvre. Oh, and down below, something glowed red-hot. Mmm, it had certainly been a while since she'd felt such a powerful calling.The doorbell sounded. Yes! Air punch. She skipped like a happy child across the room and perhaps a tad too eager, threw open the door. 'Hi!' Her voice, high-pitched and bordering on lunacy. 'You made it.'Aarne stood at the doorway; hair combed, clean-shaven, tight-fitting shirt, dark jeans and a cute smile to die for. Mmm, that red-hot glow down below returned for an encore.'Wow, Janina.' He eyed her up and down, licking his lips and displaying mammoth admiration towards her curves. 'You look stunning.''Aw, thank you.' Her little black dress never let her down.

Aarne said, 'I didn't know whether to bring white or red.' He held up two bottles of wine, one of each variety. 'So I got both.'Janina dealt him a bright beam of approval. 'Both sounds good to me,' she quipped, quickly relieving him of his gifts of alcohol.She led him over to the comfort of the sofa, unable to avert her hungry eyes from his handsome face, his sparkling smile and his shapely torso. The man's tight shirt was purposely one size too small, clearly to enhance his build. Heh, clever trick. Did she mind such blatant vanity? Nope. Slurp. What a tantalising view. He looked good. He smelt good. And she even wondered if he tasted good. Mmm, and that devilish red-hot glow down below showed no signs of waving goodbye just yet.

She gazed at the man. Deep. Evocative. Wanting him. Needing him. He fell into her eyes, understanding without words. Measured and unhurried, she inched her face towards his, tilting her head to one side and part-opening her mouth, ready and willing to dock. He did the same, mirroring her movements to a tee. And at last, wow, their lips touched. The first kiss, a mere peck, delicate and undecided. The next, more together and confident. The third, oh, yes, the third, a full-on, no-holds-barred smooch. Their tongues danced a tango in the moonlight of the moment. And his breath, oh, his warm, sweet breath, it sailed like a tropical breeze through her open mouth, thawing her heart and warming her soul.

The fragile uncertainty of their initial encounter surrendered to a stronger, more assured wave of passion as they pressed their lips harder and firmer against each other, only briefly leaving their posts to consume sporadic gulps of much-needed air. She placed a hand upon his firm chest. He in turn wrapped his left arm around her waist. She freed one shirt button from its prison. Two rogue fingers slipped inside the fresh opening. There, her digits met warm skin, a hectic mess of chest hair and solid, manly muscle. His fingertips caressed the small of her back; soft, circular motions which, ooh, sent a surge of electricity charging up her spine. And mmm, that red-hot glow down below shone brighter than ever before.Janina lowered herself onto her back and guided him towards her willing body. As their lips continued their relentless union, she welcomed him in her arms, her eager fingers burrowing under the tail of his shirt and exploring the hot flesh beneath. Aarne's right hand brushed across the soft material of her dress, slowly journeying upwards, riding the delicate curvature of her body and coming to rest just below one of her breasts. Ooh, it was a wicked tease, but she kind of liked the game of so near yet so far.

Aarne withdrew his lips and peppered her neck with licks and kisses. Ooh, it tickled. She giggled. Loudly. He pulled aside one dress strap and tasted her bare shoulder. Mmm, his warm lips, his passionate kisses, his snaking tongue, his sizzling breath, oh, yes, it all felt so good, and while the man gorged on her flesh, Janina's heart pounded for all its might. A delicate finger stroked the lower curve of her bosom, shy, unsure, hesitant, as if playing a scout checking for danger, testing exactly how far he could go. In contrast, her avid hands grappled and groped his back, pulling him closer, inviting him to further his exploration, oh, yes, boy, go right ahead. Accepting her invitation, he cupped her breast in his palm and squeezed it, grasped it, kneaded it. Ooh, yes, her nipples sprouted into bloom, stabbing the flimsy material of her dress, as if calling, yelling, screaming out for immediate freedom. Aarne pushed himself closer, rubbing his eager pelvis against hers. Janina could feel the shape of his firm shaft against her body - and oh, what a magnificent shaft it promised to be - growing, hardening, yearning to burst free from the confines of his jeans. And ooh, yes, down below, her red-hot glow had now reached white-hot fever, commanding cascades of molten lava to trickle free. As if the manic eyes of madness had dominated their souls, they pulled all clothing free from each other's bodies until the delicious sight of naked flesh won its right of display. Oh, yes, this was it. It was all set to happen. Two consenting adults, lost in the hectic kaleidoscope of uninhibited, unrestrained lust.

Aarne aimed his weapon of mass pleasure towards her wide open door of debauchery, then brushed his swollen tip up and down her drenched crevice. Ooh, yes, such an incredible sensation was all too much for the girl.'No, no, just get the fucking thing inside me,' she hissed, her eyes bulging with the wild spirit of lust. 'Fuck me, just fuck me,' came her next order through gritted teeth.Oh, yes, yes, yes, his rigid staff of delight entered her gates of heaven. They both groaned and grunted with decadent zeal as the man conquered his woman. With Aarne inside her, she felt invincible, on top of the world, the queen of all the land. As he buried his rigid penis deeper and deeper inside, all the world's ecstasy overwhelmed her tingling body. He pushed upwards, she pushed downwards, a harmonious union of piston-like movement, helping to work their writhing bodies into an insane frenzy.

'Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!' she yelled, wanting it, needing it.Aarne gathered pace. Hard and fast, he plunged his manhood into her wet and willing womanhood. Janina squealed with joy. Like an overworked valve, intense pressure was building up inside. Ooh, yes, she was all set to come. The point of no return. And yes, oh fucking yes, they came together in a vivid explosion of sheer carnal delight. They then collapsed into each other's arms.Their lust satisfied, they both got dressed.Then came a puzzled sniff of the air from Aarne. 'What's that smell?''What smell?'Another sniff. 'The smell of... burning.'Janina gasped. She charged into the kitchen, tore open the oven door and was met by a thick cloud of black smoke. She waved away the acrid fog, grabbed her oven gloves and plucked the dish from its fiery hell. Too late. All that remained was a crumbling charred brick. 'The dinner, it's ruined!' Face crumpled with rabid despair, she turned to her date. 'What are we supposed to eat now?'Ten minutes later, Janina and Aarne tried their hardest not to laugh as they tucked into their meals. Aarne couldn't help himself. He had to say it. 'This is the best baked beans on toast I have ever tasted.'Janina dealt him a mock scowl. 'Shut up and eat.'They traded glances, then surrendered to a bellowing fit of giggles. Oh, wow, what a wonderful date. To both of them, this reunion had been well worth the wait.

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