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Party Girl

She was the party girl. I never caught her name. In fact, I'd never laid eyes on her before that night, but fuck me, this girl was hypnotic. I couldn't stop staring at her curvaceous body as she moved to the music. While most of the drunken revellers at this house party had already surrendered to the comfort of the sofa, the scattering of chairs or even the carpet, she kept on dancing, kept on jollying it up, kept on rocking out to the vibes. It was clear this girl was all for living life to the full.The party girl's hair was chaotic and spiky, shooting off in all directions; its colour, a hectic kaleidoscope of red, blue, black, purple and green. Yes, that's right, I said green. I'd never seen green hair before. Her face was a noisy canvas caked with the wildest of colours which looked more like warpaint than the conventional cosmetics girls bought from department stores. She wore a cropped leather jacket laden with zips, studs and even the odd safety pin or two. A tight black t-shirt, featuring a mean and moody line-up shot of a heavy metal band I'd never heard of perfectly complemented two pert breasts bursting to be freed from their cotton cell. A short black skirt barely covered her modesty, while her legs were decorated with fishnet tights, purposely torn in strategic places. She was definitely not the kind of girl I would normally gravitate towards, for somebody like this could easily eat me alive and spit out my broken bones, but fucking hell, inside my pants, my penis was already rising to the occasion. I wanted her badly.Then wow, I caught her eye. She threw across a devilish grin and beckoned me over with a suggestive finger. I froze on the spot, not knowing whether to accept her invitation, but she was not a woman who took no for an answer. She pulled me onto the area of the room that she had claimed as a dance floor and wrapped her arms around my neck. I placed mine around her waist. I couldn't help myself as my curious hands headed south onto her hips, finally coming to rest upon her shapely bottom.

It was then when she kissed me. Soft sporadic pecks at first, quickly leading to full-on snogging. I tasted her hot vodka-charged breath as our tongues said hello to each other, writhing and lapping inside each other's mouths. Oh, fuck, my cock was now rock frigging hard. I hitched up her short skirt and squeezed her fishnetted buttocks, pulling her body towards me, so close that the concrete lump in my jeans brushed against her pelvis. My penis wanted to fuck this girl. I wholeheartedly agreed.The party girl clearly had the same idea. She took my hand and quickly led me upstairs. We barged into the nearest bedroom and dived onto a bed covered with a dense forest of guest's coats and jackets. Wasting no time, we tore off our clothes. Within moments, we were both as nature had intended.

I peered down at the naked girl below me. Oh, wow, her vagina was as smooth as silk. I'd never seen a shaven pussy before. The sight of a hairless mound seemed odd, and didn't look right on a girl of... um, how old was she? Twenty, maybe twenty-one, something like that. But for some strange reason, I was transfixed by its pure and simple beauty. My eager tongue burrowed deep into her already wet crack. She squealed with delight as I lapped up her juices. While I licked up and down the length of her crevice, she speedily rubbed her clit and offered murmurs of approval as my exploring tongue greeted the rim of her hole.'Fuck me,' she hissed. 'Fuck me like a whore.'

Wow, her line turned me on, big-time. I'd never been with an actual whore, but I understood her requirements fully. I mounted the party girl, guided my cock towards her waiting hole and pushed forward. Ooh, yeah, my erect penis slipped inside with ease. At first, her walls felt tight, but raging waters soon began to flow as her pussy accommodated my hard tool. I began to gyrate, pushing my cock as deep as I could inside her moist and soft tunnel. As I serviced her willing hole, my hands cupped her breasts. I could feel her nipples swelling as I groped this pair of beautiful mounds.'Fuck me harder!' she blurted, wrapping her arms around my back and scratching my flesh with her fingernails.Naturally, I obliged. I gave a nod and quickened my pace, revelling in the sound of her high-pitched yelps of pleasure upon every inward thrust. This girl was loving it and so was I. Never before had I screwed such a loud screamer. I just hoped her piercing cries wouldn't attract a crowd. I didn't think I could perform with an audience.'Fuck me harder!'

Wow, this girl certainly loved it rough. Faster and faster, I gyrated. Harder and harder, I pummelled her pussy with my stiff piece of meat.'Harder! Harder!'Bloody hell, she was a demanding bitch. I'd never fucked a girl so furiously. 'Ooh, yes!' she cried, eyes wide and mouth stretched into the biggest of smiles. 'Yes, yes, yes!'Wow, this girl was a wild fucker. As I thrust upwards, she thrust downwards. This was lust at its most decadent.'Don't you dare slow down,' she growled as our pace reached supersonic speeds. 'I am so fucking close.'I continued to fuck her hard. There was no way I was prepared to find out what punishment she would dish out if I called it a night. And then, fuck me, her orgasm was spectacular. I could feel bursts of lovejuice splashing all over my cock as she shrieked her way through her climax.Oh, fuck, I too was close to coming.'Come inside me, come inside me!' she yelled, clearly reading my face, knowing my climax was in sight.I then exploded deep inside her pussy. Oh, fuck, it was the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced. Once my semen was spent, I withdrew my deflating weapon and collapsed on my back.Nothing was said while we cleansed ourselves of our sexplay with the convenient contents of a box of tissues we happened to discover sitting on a nearby chest of drawers. But what could we say? It was hardly an opportune time to discuss the weather. We didn't know each other, and therefore had no common ground on which to base a conversation. Our sole connection was quite simply a quick fuck amidst other people's coats on a stranger's bed. She didn't even look at me as she began to return her clothes to their rightful place on her body. Ah, but I looked at her. Or rather, I stared. Oh, yes, I watched in awe as she pulled her knickers over her shave haven, as she cupped her beautiful breasts inside her black bra, and how she squeezed herself into that impossibly tight t-shirt. Once more, I could feel my penis beginning to swell. My manhood was clearly wondering if it could manage a second sex session with this girl, but then remained in a neutral half-hard state upon the decision that it was probably best not to be too ambitious.As I rifled around the herd of coats and jackets in search of my discarded underpants, I finally dared to ask, 'Will I see you again?'

The sweetest of smiles spread across her face, an angelic beam which somewhat betrayed her outlandish steampunk appearance. She kissed me on the forehead, a small peck, not too dissimilar to how a mother would bid farewell to her child on the first day of school, and nothing like the manic tongue wrestling match we'd been involved in earlier.'Maybe, maybe not,' came her reply, barely a whisper.She wrapped her fingers around my half-hard cock and gave my helmet a farewell lick. Naturally, my cock thought its luck was in again and stood up straight. Ah, but my newfound erection was in vain. The party girl turned and left the room, closing the door behind her. For the next few months, the word 'maybe' echoed in my mind. I attended as many house parties as I could manage, but alas, the party girl always failed to show up. In the end, I gave up on hoping for the lass to return. We'd shared one fantastic moment of passion together. Maybe I should be grateful for small mercies.Just as she had shown me, life was for living to the full. While all the other partygoers retired to the nearest available seating, I'd be the one who kept on dancing to the music. I met plenty of women at these parties and fucked them all. My lucky cock had never seen so much action.But I will never forget the party girl.

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