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On a date with lesbians

It was Friday again. Kati and I went to a nice dinner with Sylvi. Back then Sylvi didn’t have a boyfriend, so we would hang out just the three of us a lot. Those were nice days we spend together. Everybody was jealous, when I walked with them arm in arm on the streets. With Kati on one arm and Sylvi on the other I felt like I was in paradise. It was exactly like that on the evening of the dinner. As usual the two girls looked fantastic. Kati was wearing a red dress, which showed off her body perfectly and Sylvi was wearing a white blouse and a blue mini-skirt. No wonder that the two were in the middle of attention from all the guys. It still felt like a dream, that I could hang out with them. I was really lucky. After dinner we went home, Kati and I share an apartment, and there is always a bottle of wine waiting for us. When it was empty Sylvi decided to go home, but we insisted that she should stay, since the evening had just begun and we have enough space. Sylvi agreed and later that evening we watched a movie. In one scene a woman was seduced by another woman and suddenly Sylvi and Kati exchanged mysterious looks.

“Do you remember?” Sylvi asked. “Of course I remember!” Kati answered. I looked and them and didn’t know, if I was thinking the right thing or not. I never thought of them as lesbians or even bi. So I asked them. “Okay, now I’m curios. What are you talking about?” Kati blushed; her face was read as a tomato. I guess I hit a spot. Sylvi burst into laughter when she saw Kati. “What’s wrong with you? There is no reason to be ashamed.” And then she told me how she and Kati got it on once in the shower and ended up in the bedroom together. At first Kati didn’t want me to hear this story, but then she joined in and told me her version of what had happened. Both seemed to have enjoyed that situation even though they never admitted it to themselves. But just now they were actually admitting, that they think about this adventure a lot. “And why don’t you repeat the whole thing if you liked it so much?” I asked but not without a hidden agenda. Now both blushed and I started laughing. “Hey, are you suddenly ashamed? Or what’s going on?” “Why not? I would be interested.” said Sylvi, who got back her countenance first. Kati needed another moment, but then she had an idea that at first sounded pretty crazy: “Yeah, why not? And why not now? Let’s try something new for a change” Suddenly they both looked at me. I was speechless; this was going to be interesting. Ironically I said, that hopefully they don’t want me to just watch. I added that it would be unfair since I came up with the idea in the first place. “Just watching? No way! You came up with it, you have to participate!“ Without commenting on that I switched the TV off. “I guess we won’t need this after all.”

“Sit down!” Kati told me, took Sylvi by the hand and together they left the room. I could hear them whisper, but didn’t understand a word. Then I heard Sylvi laughing and the door to the bedroom closed behind them. There I was all alone on the sofa, not knowing what to expect. So I waited for my surprise. My head was spinning. Usually I am the one, who is always in control, but this time I lost the upper hand. Well, it would be alright. Again I heard doors slam. Slowly the living room door opened with a squeaking noise. “I wanted to take care of that for a long time” I thought. Weird what goes through my mind in such situations. Through the open door I saw Kati and Sylvi, who were now wearing sexy lingerie: Kati wore red and Sylvi white. “Wow…” I was speechless. Two gorgeous lesbians right in front of me. With swinging hips they walked towards me and sat down next to me. As usual Kati sat on the right side, Sylvi on the left. I was sitting in the middle and didn’t know where to look first. “You are still wearing too many clothes.” Kati said and unbuttoned my shirt. I intended to help her, but the pushed my hands away. “I’ll do that.” she said. At the same time Sylvi opened my belt and took my pants off. I sat on the couch only wearing my boxers.

Lesbian love making

Next they forgot about me. They kneeled on the soft carpet in front of me and started to explore their bodies. They caressed each other with their soft hands. I was damned to only watch the scene. While their lips met and they sunk into an endless kiss, they opened their bras. From this point on Kati took the initiative. Her lips wandered to Sylvi’s breasts and sucked her nipples, that looked like deep red cherries. Sylvi kept her eyes closed and enjoyed every touch. Then they changed their roles and while Sylvi sucked on Kati’s boobs, she looked at me and smiled. Her lips formed a kiss in my direction. Now Sylvi seemed to remember as well, that there is somebody else in the room. She pulled me onto the carpet and offered me her lips. How could I resist? I pulled her closer and pressed my lips on hers. It was a great feeling to have her body so close to mine. Her warm soft lips opened and her tongue slipped into my mouth. It was as if I would experience all that for the first time, although it was familiar. I merely perceived everything more clearly than usual. Meanwhile Kati undressed completely and pressed herself against me from behind. I felt her hot breath on my shoulder and got goose bumps. Without parting from Sylvi, I slowly turned on my side so that I had both in front of me. Kati’s breath now crawled upon Sylvi’s back, who loosened her lips from mine and turned to Kati. Lying on my back I could see the two kissing again. They kneeled besides me, so I finally could be active as well.

The problem was, that I couldn’t decide on either one of them, so I grabbed both bodies. Somehow our hands met at the others body. Soon I lost track of which hand belonged to whom. Suddenly Sylvi got up to take her slip off. I used the time to pull Kati closer to me on the floor. My lips wandered over her body until I was between her thighs. Sylvi was back and set with wide spread legs on Kati’s mouth. Without hesitation she stretched out her tongue and started licking through Sylvi’s vagina with pleasure. Fascinated by this moment I completely forgot that I was lying between Kati’s legs and could give her the same pleasure. Sylvi’s “Lick her! Go on!” brought me back to reality and I gave in to my pleasure. Kati’s body shivered with every touch of my lips and she passed it on to Sylvi. Sylvi enjoyed it with her eyes closed. She bit her lower lip and moaned every once in a while. She bent forward and pushed my lips away with her mouth. Her tongue was hanging out when she licked through Kati’s wet pussy.

I was tired of just watching and walked around the two lesbians. Kneeling behind Sylvi my lips met those of Kati and together we made Sylvi moan with pleasure. Kati’s tongue dug deeper into Sylvi’s gap while I took care of her other hole. Sylvi let out a silent scream, that showed me how much she enjoyed this touch. Her body was shivering and with a yell part of the tension was released into a never-ending orgasm. Tired she rolled down from Kati and lay beside her taking deep breaths. “That was good!” she whispered. “I never had an orgasm like this before!” Then she seemed to remember, that Kati should receive some pleasure as well. Sylvi got up, kneeled between Kati’s legs and slowly drilled one finger into her friend’s vagina. Kati reared up at this touch, but her scream was muffled by my lips, that I kept pressed on hers tightly. Sylvi turned her hand, pushed in a second and then a third finger. With winding and pushing motions she fucked Kati almost into madness, it seemed. Kati shivered and threw her body against the fingers until she came. Gasping she lay on the floor in front of me, tears of joy in her eyes. Now it was my turn to be the person of interest.

A hot threesome with two girls

Sylvi turned me on my back and pulled of my underpants. I had no idea, why I still had it on in the first place. My manhood jumped out. She took my dick into her hot mouth. I felt her teeth nibbling softly at my glans penis. Deeper and deeper she sucked me into her. Her tongue was licking along my cock and it felt so good. Now Kati joined the action again. She grabbed my balls with her hands and started massaging them. When Sylvi let go of my penis, Kati took it into her mouth. They took turns in licking it from the head to the balls and back. I enjoyed it with my eyes closed. Suddenly there was movement next to me. Sylvi had set up and climbed onto my belly. Kati already sat on my thighs. From that point on I couldn’t see anymore what was going on. I could only feel. And what a feeling it was! Kati and Sylvi sat very close to each other and had my penis between them. Close together they sat on top of me and moved slowly up and down. It seemed as if I penetrated them both at the same time. I could almost feel it. They both got up and one hand grabbed my dick and put it inside her. I felt the wet heat as I pushed into the pussy, but I didn’t know whom it belonged to. The girls rubbed their bodies together, which made them seem like one. I couldn’t move, let loose. My mind stopped working, I was only body. I hardly noticed, when the two chicks changed positions and that I was now inside the other girl. Or was it the same one after all? I had no clue.

Suddenly the weight dissolved from me, the body slit down and became two separate people again. Kati lay on her back while Sylvi was on top of her and forced her mouth between Kati’s legs. At the same time she lifted her ass, so that I could kneel behind her and push my dick deep inside her. Muffled sounds came from her mouth. When I saw how Sylvi’s asshole opened with every push, I remembered her reaction to my tongue and her orgasm earlier. I had a crazy idea. When the hole spread wide once again, I pushed my middle finger in it. She responded to it with lustful moaning. She pushed herself even harder against me, stopped licking Kati and moaned louder than before. Deep in her I could feel my dick in the other hole. “Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass! Come on!“ Kati still lay under Sylvi and watched fascinated, what I was doing to her friend. “Come on!” she said. “I want to see it!”

Slowly I pulled my cock out of Sylvi’s pussy. I spit on her rim and then carefully put my dick on her asshole. Slowly I pushed it deeper, Sylvi held her breath. The hole widened and let me get inside her. Kati watched with wide eyes. The hole was tight, tighter than I expected and yet I slit in deeper and deeper. Sylvie breathed heavily when I pushed inside her, but soon she found back to the rhythm. Kati turned to Sylvi’s other hole once again, which was now empty. First she pushed her tongue deep into the twitching pussy, then her fingers followed. I felt her through the thin wall, that separated us. Sylvi staggered from one orgasm to the next. Already after a couple of pushed, I couldn’t stop myself. I felt the sperm rise, pushed once more and then shot it all into Sylvi’s asshole. Exhausted I rolled of her back and lay next to her on the carpet. Kati stopped taking care of Sylvi and lay next to us. We lay there for a while. Then we went to bed and slept tighly next to each other, me in the middle once more. The next day I had to promise Kati, that next time was her turn to try anal. She now was curious, what it felt like when a big cock slips into your ass. But that’s another story…

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