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Joyride on a train

The hour is late and the station is completely empty. A small number of tired and fairly lonely looking station workers begin to wander up the platform making sure that all doors are locked and other aspects are concluded appropriately.

"The eleven O' clock train from Helsinki to Turku will be leaving in approximately five minutes" is heard rambling through the tanoy system. A man in his early thirties heads to the front of the vessel and after exchanging typical work based information with the driver who has just completed his shift, the new train driver jumps on board. Another man walks down the platform and is also dressed in a workers uniform, presumably this man is the conductor.

The station clock now shows the time of 10:59 pm and as everything seems to be incredibly quiet, rushing footsteps can be heard approaching from a distance. A silhouette of a woman reinforces the clear sound of stilettos gradually becoming louder as she advances toward the platform. Only a few dim lights remain switched on and as the last call is made on the tanoy system, a lady in her early twenties scurries around the corner. As she steps into the light, her figure and taste in fashion becomes clearer. A full bodied woman graces the platform with her astonishing presence and as her thick pink legs alternate, the rest of her body moves with incredibly feminine unison. Her feet are cocooned in beige stilettos and in the right light, it is clear to see her legs were waxed very recently. Maintaining a very pale and pink skin colour, the purple shade of her dress does nothing but compliment her sultry figure. Tightly hugging only the top few inches of her scorching thighs, the top half of the dress is elegantly tailored, yet highlights a generous amount of her well kept cleavage. Matched with a shy and innocent, young face, the woman spends her last step walking onto the train. The perfect timing of this lady is immediately followed by the sound of the train's robust engine.

As the train slowly begins to disappear from Helsinki station, the single passenger begins to walk up one of the middle carriages until she finds a double seat. She glances out of the window for a couple of minutes and then turns back to her beige coloured purse. After reaching inside, her hand returns to the carriage, cupping a small make up set. This sexy woman begins to apply a little mascara, followed by a small amount of eye liner before returning it all to her bag. She begins to slowly run her middle finger up her leg as she glances down the carriage with some kind of anticipation. No one else is on board except the conductor and train driver and the young female begins to appear slightly fatigued. As all seems lost, sounds of the carriage door are heard from behind this woman and a man with dark hair and a medium build enters the carriage. He is cleanly shaven, however preserves a very stern expression as he approaches this young woman.

"Good evening madam, where are you going?" says the conductor.

The young woman looks up at the conductor with a powerful gaze and calmly replies "Turku please". As the conductor punches a few numbers into his machine, the lady begins to rummage through her handbag. The ticket is printed and the conductor looks back down at the lady who is continuing to search through her purse. The situation does not appear to be positive as the woman is showing facial expressions resembling confusion and panic.

"I'm really sorry but I seem to have misplaced my purse, can you help me"

The driver does not look amused and after staring at her for a few seconds, he asks her when she last had it. The young woman continues to act surprised and states that she thought she had it on her the whole time.

"Please sir, it was in my bag when I left my boyfriend's house so there is no reason why it shouldn't still be right here" explains the woman as she aggressively points to her handbag. She turns back to the conductor with a cheeky smile on her face and begins to laugh.

"I really don't know what to do now as I need to be in Turku by tonight" giggles the woman as she seems to be clearly getting under the conductor's skin.

"Young lady, this is no laughing matter!" he argues. "You have jumped on a train that makes no stops for around 150 miles and now you are laughing at the fact that you can't pay me, what is your name?"

"Laurukka" she replies.

"Well Laurukka, unfortunately for you, I don't believe that you have lost your purse and think the police may have similar thoughts, so let's just wait until we get to the other end shall we."

The young woman immediately halts to attention and begins to try and reassure the conductor that the has to be a much better solution. As the conductor stares back at her, the young woman raises her light brown eyebrows and suggestively smiles deep into his eyes.

"OK, what exactly would you suggest then" says the conductor as he begins to lighten up.

"Well" says the woman as she begins to size up this moderately built man. "Your a handsome fellow, maybe you like what you see here" as the leans back and crosses her legs.

The youngish conductor leans a little closer to this woman and states that he doesn't think she would be able to handle his wild ways.

"You naughty boy, I've handled men of all kinds, what makes you think your anything special?" she says as she seductively strokes her legs.

"I'm unpredictable for one thing" he replies as he pulls out his walkie talkie. After muttering a few words into it, the train begins to grind to a halt and within a minute or so, the train driver walks into the carriage. He approaches the pair and as the young woman's face lights up, both men start to unzip their trousers.

"Let's see you handle this" says the conductor as he removes his jacket and ticket machine.

The young woman gasps in a flirty manner and her head is controlled by the conductor towards his lengthy penis. As she begins to insert large quantities of his member into her mouth, the driver starts to rub the woman's sexy legs. Within a couple of minutes, the conductor has aggressively moved the woman into a lying down position and he starts to shunt his now massive cock down her throat. As he makes noises demonstrating utter enjoyment, the driver is vigorously thrusting his fingers into Laurukka's wet pussy.

A few more minutes pass and by this point, the air in the carriage has increased by a few degrees. The driver now has his cock deep inside Laurukka and while her black thong remains wrapped around her incredibly smooth legs, sounds can be heard of her gasping for air. The conductor continues to viciously thrust his cock into Laurukka's mouth and the driver's rapid motion begins to fill the carriage with slapping sounds as he bounces of her thick pink thighs. Both men are becoming sexually aggressive now and the young woman continues to gasp for air. The men both pull out and the driver grabs Laurukka's hair as he pulls her dress down to clench her breasts. They re-position this young woman so she is bent over with one leg on the seat.

The driver clenches Laurukka's light brown hair even harder and thrusts his fully erect member into the back of her throat. After spending a few moments licking and kissing her back, the conductor grabs Laurukka's hips and rams his cock into her ass hole. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Sounds of his cock slapping Laurukka's plump booty can be heard from the next carriage and both men begin to completely abuse her sultry feminine body.

"That's right, take it you fucking filthy whore." remarks the conductor as he rams himself into her deep ass hole at a phenomenal rate of speed. Both men pull her hair and vigorously thrust themselves into her. The driver unloads all over Laurukka's face and as the conductor continues to pound her, he grips her pony tail with supreme authority.

"Take it you fucking slut." he repeats as Laurukka screams with satisfaction "harder...harder"

He pounds and pounds, harder and harder as he completely mounts her and moves his face next to hers. His cock is now entering her and an incredibly hard and fast pace and as Laurukka starts to moan even louder, the conductor yanks her hair one last time and delivers his sloppy load deep into her slutty ass hole.

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