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Helka And The Doctor

As soon as Helka started her new job as a receptionist in the local medical surgery, she knew Doctor Juho Ranta was the guy for her. Warm dark eyes, short brown hair and the athletic physique of somebody who was deadly serious about the gym. Helka fancied him. In fact, she yearned to fuck him hard. And by the way the doctor smiled at her each time he strolled past the reception desk, it was obvious that he wanted her body just as badly. At last, lunchtime arrived when the surgery closed its doors to the public for half an hour. This was Helka's chance. As Juho walked past, she parted her legs, allowing the pleasantly surprised doctor to see right up her short skirt. The finest black silk clothed her long and slender legs, perfectly complimenting the pale bare skin of her upper thighs where stockings met suspenders. And that's when he noticed it. Her bare vagina in all its glory.'You're not wearing any knickers,' he whispered to the girl, widened eyes, limp jaw, face reddening slightly.'Yes, I know,' she responded. 'It saves time.'

The receptionist widened her legs a little further, granting the medicine man a better look at the little piece of heaven hiding underneath that skirt. A pair of neatly shaped lips, bearing both the shine and blush of red apples, flanked the pout of her part-open crack. Where the lips met and joined as one, her clitoris reached out in full bloom, eager for attention below a delicate wisp of pubic hair. The doctor diverted his sights to his stirring bulge. It had almost outgrown the limitations of its allocated space in such restricted trousers; a stiff monster of a cock, bursting to be free from its material prison. Helka was equally aware of his newly formed erection. It wouldn't take a second opinion to work out that the doctor yearned to give her body a full examination.

Helka sat on the desk and beckoned him to come closer. Their eager mouths met in an eternal kiss as fingers touched each other's bodies. Helka placed both hands upon his muscular chest. Juho placed his arms around her slender midriff, groping the warm flesh of her back through the delicate material of her blouse with exploring fingers. She folded her legs around his hips, tightening her hold on him, like a human vice. The doctor was not allowed to escape her clutches.

She slipped her digits onto the man's firm buttocks and pressed hard, bringing the guy closer to her willing form, so that his trouser bulge met her vagina. He began to press and gyrate his rock hard meat against her pussy, simulating his desires towards the girl. She withdrew from the smooch and grinned at the doctor, gazing longingly into his dark eyes, craving him, needing him, wanting everything the guy could give her.

Juho unbuttoned her top, revealing a pair of big breasts cupped in sexy black lace. His hands fell upon them and pushed them together. Helka found herself surprised by the warmth of his hands upon her bare skin. Doctor's hands were usually freezing cold. Instead they were baking hot. Curious fingers explored underneath her bra. He discovered two rock hard nipples with ease and caressed them gently as he peppered the soft flesh of her neck with kisses. She liked his methods, and emitted a squeak of approval. She curled her legs tighter around his hips, pushing the massive bulge in his trousers even closer to her down below treasures. In response, he smashed himself against her groin, sending Helka into a fuzzy fizzy frenzy. Enough was enough. His teasing was way too much to bear any longer. Her pussy was wet, in fact absolutely flooding, yelling at the top of its virtual voice, demanding to be pleasured, for it would not rest until it got its own way. She unzipped his fly and delved her hand inside. His stiff cock was red hot to the touch and even bigger than she expected. She released his erect member from its cotton confines and began to wank it with brisk flicks of her hand.

'Ooh, that feels good,' he murmured with glee.Helka directed Juho's dick between her legs and rubbed it furiously against the wet lips of her pussy. He moaned loudly, broad smile, eyes rolled back, whites showing. Juho attempted to push his penis through the moist gates of heaven. She held onto his cock, preventing such an entry and continued to pleasure herself, massaging her clitoris with the doctor's bulbous tip. It was her turn to be a tease; something she wanted to enjoy with relish.

'Oh, babe, please let me in,' he begged, yearning for a grand tour of her love tunnel. 'I want you so badly.'She unhanded his cock and shook her head. 'Not yet,' she firmly responded.Helka looked at him and grinned. It was an amusing sight. The doctor stood there with the face of child denied sweets, yet down below in complete contrast, the rigid shaft of a fully-grown man protruded through the open fly of his trousers like a loaded cannon on a warship. 'Do me with your tongue first,' she demanded in no uncertain terms.Delight returned to Juho's face, clearly liking the sound of her suggestion. Or rather, her explicit order. She pushed aside the telephone, the computer and all other obstacles, then lay flat on the desk for her man.Juho parted Helka's legs as far as they would allow. He brushed his hands across the smooth sheen of her stockings and stroked her inner thighs with keen yet delicate fingertips. Squatting low, he lapped her crack with a hungry and eager tongue, just as a dog would with water on an arid day. Helka moaned with pleasure as he gorged himself on her secretions; eyes shut tight, spine arched upwards upon every fervent lick. His hot breath made her clitoris tingle. She placed two fingers on her love bud and worked it hard while Juho drank incessantly from her pool of juices, burrowing his tongue deep inside her entrance.

'Oh, fuck, that feels good,' she yelped loudly.Her free hand grasped the back of his head and pushed him closer, inviting him to probe deeper. She tingled all over. Something was building up inside her. Something amazing.'I'm so close, I'm so close,' she gasped. 'Don't stop now.'She rubbed her clitoris faster. Three fingers as one now worked her pleasure pea. Juho lapped furiously inside her crack, caressing the rosy lips that surrounded it with his fingers. And then it happened. She came, screeching in unbridled ecstasy as rapid waters flowed into his waiting mouth.It wasn't over yet. She needed so much more. It was time to give him what he wanted. 'Fuck me hard,' she growled, grinning from ear to ear.Juho nodded and stood up straight. His penis was still poking out of his trousers, rock hard and ready for action. He slid his weapon across Helka's sodden crack and teased the rim of her entrance with his swollen tip. And then contact was made. They both emitted cries of pleasure as his stiff cock slipped inside her wet vagina with ease.They began to fuck. At first, their lovemaking was slow and sensuous, with perfectly matched gentle and circular gyrations. And then their speed increased. Faster. And harder. And faster. And harder.

The doctor thrust with all his might, in and out, in and out, pummelling her willing hole with his rigid staff. Eager hands made their way across her slender torso. They explored the smooth flesh of her midriff and ventured further up her body onto her breasts. He cupped both tits in his palms and kneaded them hard as his cock continued to ram her love tunnel. He rediscovered her erect nipples and clasped them between thumb and forefinger, tweaking, rubbing, squeezing.Grunts and gasps filled the room as he relentlessly smashed his stiff cock into her wet and wide-open pussy. She squealed loudly through bared teeth as a second wave kicked in, twice as intense as her original orgasm. She rode such electric spasms with glee.She could tell the final furlong was in sight for the doctor. The man had quickened his pace tenfold. His cock plunged in and out, in and out, hard and fast, hard and fast, drenched in her sweet lovejuice. 'I'm going to come,' he cried out. His eyes slammed shut. His quivering body tensed. Every muscle contracted in unison. Howling like a wolf, he pulled out his cock and exploded, shooting his seed across her stomach. Sweating and breathless, they both looked at each other and smiled. 'That was one hell of a fuck,' remarked Juho between taking in much-needed deep breaths.'Oh, yes,' replied Helka in complete agreement, 'It was just what the doctor ordered.'

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