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It was approaching the end of the night when Martti and Rebecca were becoming a little drowsy. It was Martti's birthday, so Rebecca had invited two of his closest friends around to have a few drinks with them. Martti had been drinking Jack Daniels and coke for most of the night and had consumed the best part of a litre, therefore was very drunk. Rebecca had been drinking mainly alcopops, therefore was a lot more sober, just a little merry. Martti's friends arrived a few hours after he had started drinking, so were still in a fit enough state to head into the city. However this was not going to happen as Martti could barely stand anymore.

Rebecca continued to drink WKD and other assorted alcopops and was beginning to act slightly different now than the previous few hours. This was her first time meeting Martti's friends as the pair had only been dating for a few months. Before long, Rebecca was encouraging Martti to drink at a more rapid pace. The group then started to play a few drinking games and turned the music up. A cocktail of dance and house music was leaving the speakers and filling the room like gas into a balloon. Rebecca had been spending the last hour or two laughing and joking with Martti's friends and although he was too drunk to realise, she was beginning to flirt a little.

Dressed in a short dress and stilettos, Rebecca occasionally jumped up when a new song started and danced around in a very suggestive manner. Martti was now completely hammered and Rebecca could clearly see this. Rubbing her slim body and shaking her hips in time with the beat, she would occasionally glance over at each one of her partners' friends. Both of them looked completely seduced and it was in this moment, she knew she had them. Skipping over to the other side of the room to sit beside Martti, she demanded the four enter into another drinking game. It was a card game and she had rigged the deck. Within a few minutes the game was over and Martti had to endure the painful task of drinking all the alcohol that had accumulated in the pot over the last five minutes. Within another ten, he was out for the count and his friends had to escort him to his bedroom.

Rebecca turned the volume up a little and started to dance again in a very seductive manner. One of Martti's friends walked back into the room smiling and immediately sat down on the sofa. The other walked in momentarily later and simply leaned against a wall to watch Rebecca dance. Her eyes were large and brown and her skin was a beautiful shade of hazel brown. With Legs looking as if they were freshly waxed, Martti's friends were both beginning to look aroused. None of them had taken their eyes off her since the song started and the man sat on the sofa proceeded to undo the top button of his shirt. Rebecca continued to dance, but now started to focus her eyes on the handsome young man sat on the sofa. She opened her mouth ever so slightly and tilted her head before turning around to wiggle her ass in this man's direction. Rebecca's skirt was fairly loose so occasionally, when she shook her hips fast enough, more than just the top of her thighs were revealed. Her ass was very round and brown, and was graced by the presence of a very cute and stylish white thong.

The other man walked away from the wall and began to dance with Rebecca as the next song started to play. It was a famous dance track from the 90's which Rebecca clearly enjoyed, which in turn, caused her to be even more sensual with both males. Placing the hands of one of Martti's friends on her hips, she then started to grind her ass right up against his now throbbing cock. Simultaneously she stared at the man on the sofa with a filthy look on her face.

The beat was now truly pumping from the speakers and Rebecca was putting all her effort into dancing. She now had hold of the hands of one of Martti's friends and was occasionally gliding them over her breasts. Suddenly but slowly, Rebecca bent over in front of this man and began to kiss the man on the sofa. The man stood up looked extremely happy and started to fondle Rebecca's tight ass while unzipping his pants. As he lifted her skirt to clutch her naked ass, Rebecca started biting and kissing the neck of the man sat down while simultaneously rubbing his crotch. She gasped, and as she briefly moved backwards to look at his face, she let off a quick and dirty smile before plunging head down onto his long cock. Using her tongue with the enthusiasm of a child with his first ice cream, Rebecca quickly got to know the cock she was sucking while Martti's other friend started to insert his fingers into her tight pussy. Her entire body was reacting to the two males she was pleasing and her movements signified the pleasure they were causing her. Martti's friends barely had to move as Rebecca looked in complete control.

Taking the blowjob into second gear, Rebecca really started to gobble this man's cock. The other of Martti's friends immediately became more excited and couldn't hold his patience anymore. After pulling her thong down to the top of her thigh, Martti's other friend delicately placed his cock in Rebecca's slippery pussy. He dug his fingers into her hips and started to pound her backside with a steady momentum. Slapping her ass occasionally, this completely turned the other man on as he was really settling in to his blowjob. As Rebecca was now being pounded, the man sat down grabbed the back of her hair and moved his body into her wet mouth. Rebecca was now choking and it was clear that both men were enjoying themselves. As saliva dripped from her mouth onto the leg of the man she was sucking off, Rebecca coughed and removed his cock from her mouth. He clenched her hair even harder and after giving her a hard kiss, directed her head back to his throbbing member. The other man was now pumping himself into Rebecca at a furious speed and he had now lifted her leg into the air.

Awkwardly positioned, both of Martti's friends were taking full advantage of his woman and screwing their cocks into her like an unpaid cheap whore. Her body vibrated to every individual pump from both cocks and they continued to slam into her. Sounds coming from her throat suggested that she had bitten off more than she could chew, but all this did was to encourage both men to fuck her even harder. Taking it like a porn star, the man fucking her from behind shunted the rest of his body against hers so their heads were within inches of each other. He ripped down the top half of her dress and began to squeeze her tits hard while he continued to pulverise her filthy cunt. The man sat down exploded into Rebecca's mouth and the remaining sperm landed randomly over her face and hair but this did not stop him completely. Grabbing her face, he proceeded to spit on her before calling her a slut. The other man was now pounding with full force and was enjoying the torment his friend was initiating. The man who was blown by Rebecca then stood up and walked to the door. Immediately after opening it, the other man pounded her slutty cunt with all his might and this was almost too much for her to bear. She started to scream at the top of her voice as the man fucking her yanked her hair back so he could once more, grab her tits. Harder and faster he went, and deeper into her cunt he explored. He was screwing Rebecca like a complete whore and was getting off to the fact that her boyfriend was only a few yards away in the next room. His long cock was grinding into Rebecca's wet pussy at a phenomenal rate and after yanking her hair back one more time, he unloaded deep into her pussy. None of the boys wore a condom and they both looked completely satisfied. Their friend Martti had been dating an utter cheating slut and now that they had used her for what they needed from her, they shoved her onto the sofa, spat on her one more time and casually walked out of the room with the rest of Martti's Jack Daniels.

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