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Giving Head To Head Office

Lyydia felt as horny as fuck. She hitched up her skirt and put her hand down the front of her knickers. Using the index and middle fingers of one hand, she rubbed her throbbing clitoris, instantly sending electric sensations all over her body. Her other hand joined in the fun by inserting one finger inside her wet hole, then two, then three. Mmm, talk about having her fill.All evening, she had been thinking about the day's sexy events at the house of Aleksanteri, her boss, where he had sprayed cream from a canister over her naked body, only then to lick her sensitive parts clean of their white coverings. Ooh, using cream in this manner was a true turn on.As she lay on the bed, rubbing herself into a frenzy with the fingers of one hand whilst pushing the fingers of the other hand deep inside her tunnel of lust, Lyydia recalled how Aleksanteri had smothered her breasts with cream, adding a strawberry upon each nipple for decoration. The man had devoured each strawberry in turn before licking and sucking away the creamy coat. But that wasn't all. Her boss had gone one better by spraying cream over her vagina, diving straight in with his hungry mouth. Ooh, her body tingled all over at the very thought of how his expert tongue had lapped across her cream-covered crevice.

She then thought about how Aleksanteri had turned the tables by spraying his penis with cream and demanding Lyydia to suck him clean. Being his faithful secretary, she had given him head without question, and the reward for her loyalty had been a spray of hot sticky cream of a very different variety. Ah, but the downside was, because Aleksanteri had reached his climax during foreplay, she hadn't yet realised her goal of having sex with the man. This was why she was spending the evening pleasuring herself... because such a strong desire to fuck her boss was driving her crazy.The next day at work, she knocked on Aleksanteri's office door.'Come in.'

Lyydia entered. To say Aleksanteri was pleased to see the girl was the understatement of the century. His smile stretched from ear to ear. At that point, Lyydia wondered to herself if his cock was pining for access to her pussy just as much as her pussy was pining to be filled by his cock.'Hello, Lyydia. Did you enjoy yesterday's fun and frolics?'She nodded animatedly. 'Mmm, yes. Very much so. But...' She paused, unsure of how to explain herself.'But what?''Because we didn't end up having sex, my hormones are on overdrive. I'm so horny, I feel I'm about to burst.''What do you want me to do about it?'Lyydia made a face. Silly question alert. 'What do you think I want you to do about it? I need fucking. Fuck me now, really hard, right here on your desk.' There. Now she had said it. The ball was in his court. Or rather, his balls and cock were in his court.'I'm sorry, Lyydia. I can't.''Why not?'

'I have an appointment with a couple of guys from Head Office. They'll be here soon.'Lyydia sighed, greatly disappointed. Oh, great. Work-related managerial wotnot was about to get in the way of her dream of a work-related shag.Aleksanteri could easily read her disenchantment. 'Lyydia, more than anything, I would love to fuck you, but this meeting is important. There's a managerial position up for grabs and the men from Head Office are coming here to help me interview the right candidate for the job.''Who's the lucky candidate?'Aleksanteri smiled. 'You.'

Astounded, Lyydia's mouth flopped wide open. 'Me? But I'm... just a secretary.''Lyydia, you're worth so much more than that. Get back to what you were doing for now. I'll let you know when it's time for the interview to begin.'Half an hour later, Lyydia was called into the office. The two men from Head Office sat next to Aleksanteri; one called Kaarle, the other, Jouni. Kaarle requested the girl to be seated, then kicked off the interview.'Lyydia,' he began in a confident and authoritative manner. 'What we're looking for is a woman who will always do her absolute best for the company. Somebody who will be prepared to do anything that is asked of her.''That definitely sounds like me,' came her keen answer. 'Oh, good, we were hoping you'd say that.' Kaarle continued. 'Firstly, we'd like you to give us all head.''Lyydia looked stunned. 'What?''Give us head. You know, suck our cocks.''Yes, I know what it means,' responded Lyydia. 'Aleksanteri here tells us you're very talented in that department,' Kaarle said. 'We'd like to learn more about your skills.''Giving head to Head Office will be one of your main duties,' chipped in Jouni. 'Alongside plenty of sex. Oh, and even the odd office orgy or two.''Wow,' was all the girl could say, liking the sound of this job.Jouni added, 'Would you be prepared to satisfy our requests?''Yes. Certainly.'

'Excellent. Well, there's no time like the present.'The three men stood in a line and dropped their trousers, revealing three huge cocks, ready and waiting for action. Lyydia chose Aleksanteri's hard dick first. She licked his tip before swallowing it whole.'Mmm, that feels good,' he murmured. 'But I already know how great you are. It's Head Office you need to convince.'Lyydia moved on to Kaarle's rock-hard member. She ran her tongue along its length and fondled his balls. She then opened her mouth and enveloped his manhood with the hot walls of her mouth.'Ooh, yeah, baby. You are fucking amazing.'It was now Jouni's turn. Lyydia wanked him hard whilst licking his helmet. Next, she wrapped her lips around his piece of meat and nuzzled on his erect flesh.

'Ooh, fuck, yeah. This girl is good. You've definitely passed this test with flying colours.'Lyydia was keen to further impress these men. 'What would you like me to do next?' Kaarle replied, 'We'd like to see how good you are at handling a team situation.'She asked, 'What does that entail exactly?''In other words, a foursome. In particular, filling all your holes at once.' Wow. This was something Lyydia had never tried in her life. However, she wanted this promotion more than oxygen, and was therefore willing to learn.Aleksanteri laid himself down on the carpet. Lyydia threw aside her skirt and knickers, then got on all fours astride him, guiding his stiff dick inside her willing pussy. Ooh, yes, finally, she was enjoying Aleksanteri's massive cock. Next, Kaarle knelt down, so that his groin was level with Lyydia's face. She opened her mouth and began to taste his hard penis. Finally, Jouni knelt behind Lyydia and pushed his rigid phallus deep inside the girl's arse. Everybody was now connected. All her holes were filled.As she sucked Kaarle's cock for all her worth, Aleksanteri and Jouni smashed their hard dicks into the girl's pussy and butthole. In and out, faster and faster, these men were relentless in their unified quest to fuck her hard. For Lyydia, the electricity she was now feeling inside was a hundred, if not a thousand times greater than how she felt when pleasuring herself. Oh, wow, being fucked like this was intense with a capital I. Oh, God, inside her, the pressure was building up. Any second now, she would explode.

'Oh, fuck,' she screeched, slamming her eyes shut. 'I'm going to come!'Her whole body shuddered with unbridled ecstasy as she rode her hectic orgasm. Following her cue, all three men let out loud cries of pleasure as one by one they climaxed inside her; Aleksanteri in her pussy, Jouni in her arse and Kaarle in her mouth. With all four participants wholly satisfied, the results of Lyydia's interview were announced.'Congratulations, Lyydia,' said Kaarle between murmurs of approval as the girl with his cock in her mouth licked it clean of come. 'You've passed this interview with flying colours. The promotion is yours. Well done.''I'll second that,' said Jouni, pulling his cock out of her arse and allowing the final drips of hot semen to land upon her smooth buttocks. 'Your exceptional talents are just what this company needs.''And I'll fucking third that,' said a very pleased Aleksanteri, wishing his cock could remain deep inside her warm and wet lust tunnel forever. 'Consider yourself part of the management.'Lyydia was the happiest girl on the planet. She was on the road to success, going places, and well and truly climbing the ladder of promotion. Where would it eventually lead? Who knows? All in all, she knew one thing for sure. Today, this girl had definitely had her fill of cream.

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