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Fun In Thailand

My name is Kristina, and what I am about to share with you was one of the most exciting months of my life. I am a 42 year old woman, standing at a little over 5 feet in height with a very full body. I have a wonderful pair of 34 DD breasts and the rest of my body is just as curvy. My thighs have made many other women, including my friends, very jealous over the years and my ass is to die for, even though I say so myself.

I work a fairly dead end job in an office and my hormones drive me crazy. The women are all married or in serious relationships and it feels like they don't even believe in having fun anymore. I never hear them talking about their sex lives so I simply assume they're fucking boring. Missionary position for five minutes on a Saturday night and that's about as far as it goes. This is no good. The men in my workplace are even more lame. I hear them talking about sex, but it's obvious from a mile away that they have no idea what they're on about. Most of them are in their late twenties so you would assume they had some experience. This is not the case. They look at porn magazines together like a bunch of sorry schoolyard pussies.

Being in such a sexually impoverished environment for five days a week started to take its toll on me after about six months of being there. I enjoy men and love a good confident dick inside me, and although I go out at weekends and usually take a good looking man home with me, during the week I feel like I could explode at any moment. I have a great imagination and need both my cunt and cranium to be stimulated very frequently. Weekend ventures do not sustain me enough. My supervisor is a good looking well built man but he's a boring cunt! Some of the other men in my office are what I would go for physically too but they fall into this same category, married, faithful, boring jerks!

So after about six months of saving, I jetted out to Thailand and although I indulged in one or two wild ventures in Bangkok shortly after I landed, the real fun didn't come until I got to Koh Lanta. It was the 9th of December when I arrived on this beautiful tropical island and it did not take long for me to realize that I was going to have an amazing time there. Not only did the men there have an amazing tone of skin, they were also carved from stone. Truly muscular bodies greeted me at literally every bar I went to. Thick arms usually led into a great set of pecks and their abs were so defined, I could have used them to play notes and crosses on using my lipstick.

I had a game plan. I was in Koh Lanta for around three hours before I headed out to the first bar. At the time, I had very pale and pink skin and I wanted to use it to its fullest potential as the locals are used to a tan. I too wanted to go home very brown but not before I had used my natural assets to their fullest extent. I also have blonde hair and in my experience, those gorgeous Thai lads are suckers for it. Anyway, after about three hours of being on Lanta, I waltzed into a bar I found on the beach. Immediately my light blue eyes were grazed by several good looking and very charming Thai hunks. None of them could have been older than 25 so I was in my element. For the last year or so back home in Finland, I have only fucked middle aged men and once you've had one of those losers, you've had them all, they're all the same. I knew I was going to get a culture shock before heading out to Thailand, but a cunt shock...I really didn't see coming!

Within ten minutes of being in this beach bar, I was vigorously flirting with who I assumed was the bar manager. His name was Chai and he was nothing less than perfect. He belonged on the front of magazines for women like myself to drive themselves crazy over. There was a party down the beach at another bar that night; however me and Chai both knew we weren't going to be attending. He didn't speak a word of Finnish and his English was incredibly limited but the eye contact between us and body language that had accumulated over the last hour or so was building up into a very fluent conversation. We both knew what we wanted. The house lights had been dimmed for around 20 minutes or so now so I knew privacy was imminent. One by one, the other lads from the bar began to formulate their exit strategies, which I thought was very courteous as they must have just seen the lust for Chai in my eyes.

And it was time! Everyone had disappeared and within 30 seconds, I was bent over the pool table with a hard Thai cock right up my dripping fanny. He must have been hornier than a convict after serving a murder sentence because he was really grinding into me. Another few minutes of this ferocious drilling passed by before he yanked my hair back and began to lick my ear lobes. He must have hit the right place because I squirted all over his long brown cock instantaneously. As one of the most genuine moans of my well endowed sex life met with the sea breeze, he turned me over and spread my legs like a pair of really heavy curtains. Now on my back, he began to pump me again with the force of a tornado on a revenge ploy. This was my first night on Lanta and I was incredibly impressed. Chai was staring deep into my eyes with a lust so real, I almost squirted again. Random Thai words were leaving his sweet lips as he was pounding me and this was adding to the thrill. He could have been calling me a whore for all I knew and deep down, I was hoping he was. The slamming of his body against my thighs was becoming louder and was now comparable in volume to the music coming from down the beach. I screamed again as he unloaded right into me!

Chai had really screwed me like a professional as I was still tingling the next morning, however I wanted to drive him up the wall a little as well, so I gave it a few days before I went back round to his bar. This was not to say I wasn't gagging for more, I was, but I love keeping people in suspense. This tactic inevitably worked out in my favour, but it was also met with an unexpected and adventurous twist...

I decided to walk back into the same bar a few days after my initial Koh Lanta encounter, however I walked in close to closing time. Most of the local lads I met on the first night were there, so in total; there were four Thai hunks, all with an interesting look in their eyes as I walked in. Time was not wasted. There was nobody else about so within minutes, I was led on a table with a cock in my fanny, one in my mouth and one in each hand. Roughly 20 or 30 seconds went by and I could feel the sweat glands from my crown trickling down my cheeks. As two of the lads swapped places so one could begin to thrust his masculinity down my throat, I felt the hard stick from my fanny swiftly grinding into my tight ass hole. Instantly one of these men who I was pleasuring with my hand started to finger me ecstatically.

Before I knew it, I had been picked up and I was now riding one of them with my ass hole in the reverse cowgirl position. Another one of Chai's friends kissed me like a slut and then pushed me back as he thrust his presence into my other hole. Ten seconds later and I couldn't breathe as I was being choked by the third of them and they wouldn't let my hands rest either. Harder and harder they fucked me and I was dripping in sweat, tears and cum. Monsoons aren't this wet! I was being treated like a fucking slut and they all loved it, so was I. A few minutes later and I looked like a woman who was advertising paint as four hard Thai penises erupted all over my sultry pale body.

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