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Boobs, pussies and cocks

Sanna and I had planned a little trip for the weekend and today was finally the day. It was in the late afternoon when Sanna stood at my door and surprised me once again with her choice of clothing. She wore black boots, black nylon stockings, a white miniskirt and a white blouse through which you could see her black bra and big boobs. She looked amazing and I felt a little stupid in my flower dress. “Hey Tiina, looking good. Guys are definitely into the grandma style!” She laughed and went past me into my apartment. “Thanks!” I said snotty and closed the door. We talked for a little bit and she helped me with my hair, but there was not much to do with my blond shoulder-length hair. She has beautiful long dark hair. We drank a glass of champagne or two before we left and slowly a feeling of concern crept up on me, since I didn’t know exactly what I had to expect and what would be going to happen later. We drove out of town and then into the forest. At the end of the road there was a cabin. I looked at Sanna and she knew immediately what I was thinking, because she patted me on the head and said “We can go back, if you want. But it would be nice, if you would give it a try.” “No, I’m curious!” I replied and we stepped out of the car.

At the door I could hear music coming from inside the cabin and before Sanna could knock, somebody already opened the door. He was good-looking guy, maybe 27 years old and behind him I could see a couple engaged in conversation. “You’re Tiina, right?” he said politely and we shook hands. I smiled at him while I followed Sanna into the house. Two more guys were sitting on the couch, whispering and looking at us. “Hello everybody!” said Sanna and everyone looked at us and greeted back. Sanna talked to the guy, who opened the door for us. His name seemed to be Antti. I walked over to the two guys on the couch and boldly sat between them. I looked around, the room was comfortable and at the other end of the room there was a fire in the fireplace. Everywhere were candles and bottles of champagne and glasses. Then I took a closer look at the two guys next to me. They were called Ludvig and Markku and they lived in our neighbor town. We talked for a while, when I suddenly noticed how Antti put his hand on Sanna’s ass and started squeezing it while they were engaged in a hot French kiss. Then Sanna started massaging his dick through the pants and the other couple began kissing passionately as well. I looked at Markku, who smiled at me, then pulled me closer and we kissed.

My shyness slowly gave way to my curiosity and hornyness and when Ludvig started to caress my thighs, the last bit of anxiety vanished and I let loose. Ludvig then slit his hand between my thighs. His fingers carefully caressed my panties, which were already quite wet and then he pushed his finger carefully but certain between my pussy lips. I moaned while Ludvig touched my clit and then Markku dropped his pants, took my hand and put it on his stiff cock. I started to jerk off his hard dick, slowly, while Ludvig took off my dress and slip. He kissed my boobs, licked those tits with his tongue. I’ve been wet already and you could hear that, when Ludvig stuck his finger in my pussy.

Lick those titties and dicks

He pushed his finger inside me and out faster and faster and I jerked Markku off in the same speed. He seemed to like it, because he moaned. Then Markku grabbed my head and pushed it slowly but surely between his legs. Only now I realized how pretty and big his dick was and took it into my mouth. Ludvig had freed his fingers and grabbed my ass, massaged it with both hands. Then he pushed his fingers again into my wet pussy, this time from behind, and his thumb massaged my asshole. I seemed to please Markku, because his moaning grew faster and soon after his cock twitched in my mouth and his sperm shot deep into my throat. At the same time I squeezed his balls to get every last drop of his juice. I swallowed it all and felt Markku’s dick at my butthole. I relaxed it a little and instantly felt his big cock sliding into my tight anus. I moaned and screamed a bit, when he suddenly slit in completely.

While Markku banged my sweet ass, Ludvig got up to make room for the woman, that was getting it on with the other guy. She sat opposite me with her legs spread wide and I could see how sperm was dripping out of her pussy. I began to lick her and it tasted incredibly good, this mixture of sperm and pussy juice. I sank my tongue deeper and deeper into her while Markku pounded me harder and harder. Not long after I felt his dick throbbing inside my ass and then a huge load of sperm shot into my butt. It felt great and I pushed my ass harder against his body.

With a loud smack he pulled his dick out and sat down on the floor, exhausted. The girl I was licking was now rubbing her clit and finally came with a loud moan, her juice flowing directly into my mouth. By this time I was a little out of breath, but already the next guy kneeled behind me. It was Ludvig whose dick was standing again. He spread my pussy lips a bit and pushed his still wet dick deep in my vagina. I screamed with hornyness and he fucked me hard and fast. From the corner of my eye I saw how Sanna kneeled before Antti, who just shot his sperm in her face while she massages his dick and balls.

Ludvig fucking me drove me mad and I wanted more. I ordered him to pull out and sit down. Then I sat backwards on his lap, riding his cock like crazy. My breasts where whipping up and down and I grabbed them in passion. I couldn’t believe how commanding I was, because I am normally the shy type. Suddenly Antti stood in front of me, who got blown by Sanna only a couple of minutes ago. His dick was still covered in sperm, but I took it into my mouth anyway and licked it clean. Then I stood up, spread my butt cheeks and sank Ludvig’s pole in my tight ass. Antti looked at the scene for a moment and then half-kneeled before me to shove his cock into my dripping pussy. He was kissing and licking my boobs. While I was riding Ludvig’s joy stick and Antti took me from the front, Sanna came over to me and caressed my head, smiling. Then she pushed two fingers into her vagina and then in my mouth and she tasted incredibly good. Next I felt the two guys coming inside me. It was an awesome feeling them filling me out completely at the same time. After that I got up and lay down on the floor, tired but more than satisfied.

Suddenly there was a knocking at the door and Sanna went to open it just as naked as she was. “Hey, is this the party?” I heard a man’s voice say and then two new guys entered the room. They were handsome and apologized for being late. They said they didn’t find the cabin right away. It was easy to see, that those two were brothers and Sanna showed them in. She started undressing one of them while the other one stood behind her kissing her neck and touching her breasts. Ludvig went over to the couple in the background, who started undressing only now and Antti sat next to Markku on the couch watching Sanna with interest. I was still lying on the floor, but it was a bit chilly so I sat on the couch with the boys.

The second brother had dropped his pants as well and while Sanna bend forward to suck the taller brother’s dick, the other one behind her moistened his big cock and pushed it between Sanna’s tight lips. She gave a short moan and I felt my pussy getting wet again as well, which was surprising considering the evening I had so far. I leaned back and watched Antti, whose pole was hard as a rock again. I took his cock into my hand and jerked him off. Suddenly the unknown girl, that had just been getting it on with Ludvig and the other guy, came to the couch, sat on Markku’s lap and kissed him passionately. She had long red curly hair and a typical bright complexion. Very skilled she sat on his schwanz and moved forwards and backwards while Markku kissed her big boobs. I got so horny looking at them, that I swung myself on Antti’s dick and did the same. We were riding our men in the same rhythm and when we came our eyes met and we smiled. Antti licked and bit my stiff nipples and my riding became faster and my moaning louder. I felt my vagina contracting again and this time the orgasm was even more intensive then the ones before. The red-haired woman seemed to come as well, but she wasn’t as loud as me, her face however couldn’t hide the truth.

The men seemed to need some more time to come after all the action and Antti pushed me away. The ginger also let go of Markku and then the boys got up from the couch. I lay down and the red head kneeled over me in the 69 position. She had a shaved and still wet pussy, that I began to lick. She also pleasured me and she was good at it. First she licked my lips and then she shoved her tongue in my wet hole. Antti and Markku were jerking off their cocks and seemed to like what they saw.Then Markku kneeled above me and pushed his dick into the red head and soon after his warm sperm and her pussy juice mixed and ran into my throat. I was licking her pussy and his balls, then they changed positions and Antti took his place. But he didn’t put his dick into her, but came on her ass and my face. Sanna came to us again and asked, if we were having fun and set on the floor next to us, tired, but happy.

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