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Beyond The Keyhole

Krista couldn't believe she was about to do it for the second time that week. Yes, once again, she was all set to take a crafty peek through the keyhole into her flatmate Hanna's bedroom, just as she had enjoyed a few nights ago. The keyhole spy had just arrived home from an evening out. The girl had felt a strong desire for a bout of good hard sex, so she'd tried her luck at a local nightclub... to no avail. No man had offered her his services. Insert #fail here. And now here she was, standing in a dark hallway, just as horny as she had been on her way out. The reason for wanting to spy through the keyhole was simple...'Ooooh, yes. Fuck me, big boy.'The cry had come from Hanna's bedroom. But it didn't sound like Hanna. Krista knew her flatmate's pleasure yelps off by heart. In fact, she could identify the girl's sex screams blindfolded in a voice identity parade. So who the fuck was Martti servicing in there? And where was Hanna? Oh, and how come Martti was using his girlfriend's bedroom for his illicit liaison? It didn't make sense. There was only one way to seek enlightenment. Put a curious eye to the keyhole.When she did, her eyes widened, both eyebrows headed north and her lower jaw headed south. Oh. My. Fucking. God.Martti was naked on the bed, knelt behind a slender auburn-haired girl on all fours. His hands clasped her hips as he rammed his stiff cock into her pussy. The girl squealed with delight upon every forward thrust, accommodating his hard meat with relish. But who was she? Krista couldn't make out her identity. The girl's head hung low, her face obscured by shoulders and arms. Martti then quickened his pace, burrowing his stiff dick deeper inside her hole. She yelped loudly and tilted her head back, wild eyes, massive grin. The mystery woman was......Heidi, one of Hanna's friends!

Oh, my God, then a naked Hanna came into view. She knelt in front of Heidi with her pussy close to the girl's face. Heidi lolled out an eager tongue and lapped hungrily around her friend's clitoris. Hanna parted her wet lips with both hands to allow the redhead easier entry into her crack. Heidi graciously accepted the offer and ran her tongue up and down her moist crevice. As it all played out, Martti continued to pound the girl from behind with his rock-hard meat.Behind the keyhole, Krista's body tingled all over. She'd never seen a threesome before. It was as if she'd enrolled in a voyeuristic crash course, with each lesson covering a peepshow far more daring than the previous titillation. What stage would it reach by the end of next week? Roman orgy?Krista hitched up her short skirt and dived a hand inside her underwear. Her fingers did the talking, rubbing her clitoris and stroking her pussy lips as she watched Heidi munch on Hanna's vagina and wondered what a female tongue would feel like across her own genitals. The watcher's knickers were soaked. They needed to come off, pronto. She pulled them down to her ankles, lifted one leg and attempted to yank them over her shoe. Oops, the elastic got caught round the heel, causing her to stumble forward. She grabbed hold of the door handle for balance. Argh, the door opened and she fell through, landing in an ungainly heap on Hanna's bedroom carpet. 'Krista, what the fuck are you doing?' asked a shocked Hanna.Ooer, this would require a bloody good explanation. 'Um.' All she could think of to say was, 'Just wondered if any of you three fancied a coffee.' Argh! What a dumb line.

Hanna asked, 'Were you spying on us through the keyhole?'Krista stood up. 'Don't be so absurd. What do you think I am, some kind of pervert?'Hanna smiled. 'It's all right. I don't mind if you were watching. It's quite a turn-on actually.''All right, yes, I was spying on you,' Krista admitted, blushing. 'How long have you lot been doing this?''Oh, ages,' chipped in Heidi. 'Threesomes are so much fun.' Martti's face glowed with inspiration. 'Hey, Krista. Why don't you join us?'Hanna grinned. 'Great idea. Let's make it a foursome.'Krista didn't look too swayed by the suggestion.'Don't be shy,' assured Heidi. 'You're amongst friends.'Krista considered the offer. The very concept of a foursome sounded scary. But then she remembered how horny she felt. 'Okay,' she said with a devilish grin. 'Count me in.'The other three cheered as she got naked.'Lay down on the bed, Krista,' said Hanna. 'Let's get you lubricated.'Krista did as she was told. Hanna and Heidi got either side of Krista and claimed one nipple each as their own, sucking, biting, nuzzling. Martti got between her legs and rolled his tongue across her clitoris, setting it on fire. Ooh, yeah, he certainly knew what he was doing.'Move over, Martti,' ordered Hanna after a while. 'We want to taste her now.'Martti gave way to the girls. The former keyhole spy shrieked, eyes shut, teeth bared as Hanna and Heidi's tongues both made contact with her soaked crack. Ooh, yes, it felt so good. She was in sexual heaven.While the two girls gorged on her pussy, Krista wrapped her fingers around Martti's monster of a cock and wanked it hard and fast. Oh, wow, she wanted his hard dick so badly.'Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to fuck,' quipped Hanna, licking her lips.Hanna laid down and opened her legs, ready for action. Heidi lay to her right, thighs also parted. The redhead smiled at Krista and patted the vacant area of the bed.'Lay here next to me, Krista. You're third in line for the fuck-o-thon.'Krista asked, 'What's a fuck-o-thon?''Sex with the three of us in turn. Martti will fuck Hanna, cross over to me, then finish on you. We each get five minutes pleasure from his cock.'Ooh, Krista liked the sound of that.Martti mounted his girlfriend, ready and waiting. Hanna produced a stopwatch - from where exactly was the jackpot question - and held it aloft.'5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Go!'

Hanna clicked the timer into action. Martti's stiff dick disappeared inside her pussy. He began to gyrate furiously. Upon each upward thrust, Hanna pushed down with her pelvis, creating harmonious rhythm. Krista watched in awe as the girl's tunnel swallowed her boyfriend's massive cock whole, only for it to re-emerge during the latter end of each cycle and then dive back in again. Mmm, soon, it would be her turn. She couldn't wait.'Time's up,' yelled Hanna, clicking her stopwatch. 'Heidi's turn.'Krista looked stunned. My, how quickly five minutes had flown by, she mused.Martti withdrew and clambered onto Heidi. Again, Hanna started the stopwatch. Wasting no time, Heidi grabbed Martti's penis and guided it towards her hole. It slipped inside with ease. He pounded her with all his might. Krista couldn't take her eyes off Martti's rigid weapon as it pumped in and out of the redhead. The thick film of lovejuice donated by the two girls made his cock glisten. The sight was almost hypnotic.'Time's up. All change,' commanded Hanna.Krista smiled. At last. It was her turn. Martti pulled himself out of Heidi and climbed aboard the good ship Krista. Once again, the stopwatch was started and Martti took no time in pushing his big dick inside Krista's wet and willing pussy. Ooh, yes, it felt so fucking good. Ever since she'd spied his massive cock through the keyhole, she'd wanted a piece of the action. And now she was getting it, hard and fast.Krista's gasps and grunts rang out as Martti stabbed her tunnel of lust with his firm torpedo of a cock. As he continued to fuck the girl, Krista rubbed her clit fast, stimulating a river of juices to surge from her hole. Ooh, yes, this was the best sex ever.'Get ready, girls,' gasped Martti as he pulled his cock free of Krista's dripping wet vagina. 'I'm about to come.'As he clambered into a kneeling position, Martti wanked himself hard. All three girls positioned their faces close to his erect tool. Then boom! His hot semen burst free from his cock and came to land in their waiting mouths. The women then took turns in licking his throbbing cock clean. 'We'll have to do this again sometime,' suggested an ecstatic Krista.They all agreed.'Ah, but next time,' said a smirking Hanna, 'I want to be the one spying through the keyhole.'

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